Duel of the Iron Fist

Duel of the Iron Fist

A Kung Fu artist sacrifices everything to avenge his father's execution.

Tan Jen-chieh’s life spins out of control when he’s forced into exile to clear his name following the murder of his adopted father. He’s hunted in the streets. His lover, Butterfly, turns to prostitution. And his father’s likely killer – a smooth operator known as the Rambler – is always lingering nearby. But before Tan and the Rambler can slit each other’s throats, they learn they’ve been double-crossed and go two against everyone in a rage of double-edged vengeance. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sren P (gb) wrote: Nice gore effects and a few very scary moments but overall just plain weird, confusing, and just nonsensical. Although a lot of interesting questions was put forth no answers were given and I felt more confused in the end than I did when the movie started.

Simon B (de) wrote: Halloween rip-off. Bad.

jason g (ca) wrote: It wood still be good if it was still on netflix

Brett E (ru) wrote: Another very bizarre, quirky movie from the Coen Brothers. Most of the comedy worked mainly because the actors were so committed. Brad Pitt and George Clooney were especially refreshing. The ending was pretty abrupt but it was a fun little 90 minute ride.

Ibraheem M (nl) wrote: Syriana isn't a mess, there is just too many information to digest, I think I'll watch it again and be more attentive to grasp its sophisticated plot.

Monica B (br) wrote: Average movie. Good storyline and songs but nothing more. V wooden acting by Emran Hashmi and the heroine.

Christopher M (au) wrote: This film affected me deeply. It has the kind of dark ending that i always wanted to see in a hollywood movie, like the Baz Luhrman version of Romeo and Juliet (the ending not the movie style)

Martin I (es) wrote: A very fine French thriller that will likely get a US remake sooner rather than later. Its got great pace, as it's short run-time won't allow it to trudge along, and the odd plot twists are well pitched. However, one small gripe is that it truly lacks a great set-piece or memorable chase sequence.*Full Review Pending*

Rick Q (it) wrote: "the great mcginty" never takes itself too seriously, which is often a good thing and often a bad thing. but what really makes the film work is brian donlevy's performance as the title character.

Phillip D (ru) wrote: It's pretty bad, I'll just say that.

Brendan N (kr) wrote: David twohy teams with Darren aronofsky to bring a hybrid thriller alive. The film failed to find an audience originally but should of found a cult status by now. Filled with character actors you will be quite amazed which young actors you find here.The film plays out like an old fashioned world war 2 film but strange things start occuring. David twohy brings some much needed character interaction along with the style he brung to pitch black. The only issue I had was the pacing which leaves you scratching your head. The acting is quite good but some of the unknown actors are clearly out of there place. Interesting cast choices do what they can with some underwritten roles. The films atmosphere and hybrid nature create something missing from mainstream cinema. The film takes a lot of risks and leaves you guessing for most part. Not for everyone but those with an interest in the supernatural genre will find something here.