A sort of forerunner to Hollywood's Boogie Nights (1997), this Danish melodrama is set in the world of strip clubs. A medical student (Frits Helmuth) earns money for tuition working in a burlesque joint. He falls for one of the girls (Malene Schwarz), but she is also involved with a movie director (John Price). The director and Helmuth get into a philosophical debate about love and Darwinism, and the film ends with a duel (the film's title). Duellen was met with mostly incomprehension when it premiered and is no more lucid when viewed today. The striptease scene featuring full-frontal nudity is tame by modern standards.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1962
  • Language:Danish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Duellen torrent reviews

charles b (fr) wrote: Subtle, heartbreaking and darkly humorous. 'Stranger' is a slice of life piece that is superbly acted. Despite the seemingly abrupt ending, it plays well to the story's theme. Gemma Jones steals every scene.

Daniel M (ca) wrote: Charmless and kind of boring.

Krishna C (fr) wrote: This is a film I remember being lots of fun as a child. However it ages horribly. Watching it now, one is struck by the stilted plot where everything is painfully drawn out, the lacklustre dialogue, and black and white characterisation (eg. Richard the suitor/fiance). There are some very funny scenes - eg. in the Australian bar at the start, with the knife in NYC, the hotel ledge/balcony and the ending but the rest are understandably relics of the times.

Adam S (us) wrote: Hallstrom emerges on the world scene with one of the great films about childhood - quirky, specific, emotional, dark, satisfying.

David M (gb) wrote: Garcia Marquez story "La candida Erendira" was taken into film with Irene Papas. Not so good cinematography but an extremely well edited script.

Israel N (nl) wrote: Una pelcula adelantada a su tiempo, con recursos inslitos como el paneo final, por ejemplo. Buuel estaba en otro canal y es un honor que haya hecho la mayora de sus filmes (los mejores, para mi gusto) en Mxico.

Greg R (ru) wrote: A good ole Disney classic.

Laurel S (ru) wrote: Not my favorite one but still it made me laugh.

Grant S (us) wrote: An aging professional wrestler, Randy "The Ram" Robinson (played by Mickey Rourke) is well past his prime as a wrestler but clings to memories of his heyday. He also still believes he has what to takes to continue wrestling. Meanwhile his relationship with his daughter is very cold. Then he has a health scare...Amazing. One of the most moving movies I have ever seen. Right up there with movies like Million Dollar Baby and Lost In Translation in terms of emotional content and character exploration.Mickey Rourke deserves all the accolades for his acting performance - he is superb - but Marisa Tomei is excellent too, as is Evan Rachel Wood. Darren Aronofsky's direction is spot-on and the story is incredible.

Monny M (jp) wrote: Pretty good. Watched with W.

Robert P (gb) wrote: Complex racial and geographical politics at play in this masterpiece. Great chemistry between Rod and Sid turns this into a superior and subtle buddy movie. "What do they call you up north, Virgil". ""They call me Mr Tibbs". Most of the prejudice is signaled by eye movement or small gestures makes this compelling.

Kym B (es) wrote: This is truly one of the most frightening movies I've ever seen. I'm a horror junkie and have become rather jaded even with some of the higest rated releases, yet this one stands the test of time in my opinion. It's as scary now as it was when it hit the theatres in 1989. It's hard to find but worth the effort. It doesn't hurt that it stars Clayton Rohner, one of my favorite actors who is often underated and overlooked.

Grant S (jp) wrote: OK, ish. Had heaps of potential, but ended up resorting to cliches and over-complexity to get home. Quite unoriginal, for the most part.The best parts were the courtroom scenes, especially the ones involving James Earl Jones. Any scene involving James Belushi had me reaching for the Fast Forward button, as does any James Belushi movie (clearly his brother got all the talent in the familiy).