Dug's Special Mission

Dug's Special Mission

Dug's Special Mission will give "a little bit of the backstory of what Dug was actually doing" before encountering Carl and Russell in Up.

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma try to keep Dug out of their way while they hunt for Kevin the Snipe. However, their instructions for his "very special mission" keep backfiring on them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos Z (jp) wrote: Actually a decent movie. Heartwarming at times despite the violence.

Westleigh Q (it) wrote: A revenge heist flick where an escaped con goes out on a ledge in the middle of NYC in order to distract from a diamond robbery going on right across the street. If it goes off without a hitch, he clears his name. Man on a Ledge is moderately captivating, but loses a lot of its steam once the other shoe drops and the mystery is unraveled. There's also one or two glaring plot errors near the end that just make you want to roll your eyes. But I've seen way worse.

Matt N (ca) wrote: Matsumotos SYMBOL is a definate contender 4 film of the year, lunatic brilliance. funny, poignant, smart, wonderful. a massive step up from BIG MAN JAPAN. can't recommend it enough and can't wait 2 see what he does next.

Tad O (br) wrote: Joseph Gordon Levitt, Bruce Willis and Jeff Daniels are always watchable when they are on screen. The rest of the actors and the movie as a whole are otherwise pretty forgettable. Pacing is slow and there is surprisingly little action. JGL's makeup to make him look more plausibly like a young Bruce Willis didn't really do the trick and ended up being more distracting than helpful.The secondary characters outside of Daniels really didn't do much. There were also a couple of head-scratching errors that weren't explained and kind of rendered the whole plot meaningless, but I won't spoil them here.Not exactly a boring movie, but you'll forget about it 5 minutes after it's over.

Matthew S (it) wrote: LOL The cover has Won me over

Natalie C (gb) wrote: Really good movie super cute.

rain r (es) wrote: Arnaud & jean-Marie Larrieu 06 ist fest ''greatest thing is to love and be loved in return'' a relaxing atmosphere and relaexed moods. Married couples swing thei partners , too relaxed for me , could not be that much mature i guess. But nature , village and french style life there was nice.

Steve S (fr) wrote: I thought it was entertaining. It wasn't the most compelling or believable story but it was fun to watch. The acting was pretty good and the action scenes were decent. The sound volume was drastically different in different scenes, or maybe that was just my parents' TV.

Stewart F (de) wrote: A great fun film and the out takes at the end are sooooo funny!

Dawn K (mx) wrote: Even though this movie was NOT my cup of tea, it was amazingly acted and Brendan Fraser is really amazing in this. The movie is really, really sad. Overwhelmingly sad with no happy ending.

AOnur B (de) wrote: itsvery good film because its demonstrating real face the west .thats all.

Ga W (mx) wrote: The worst piece of shit I've ever seen. It only got half a star because it is technically a film.

Peter F (ru) wrote: The French Connection II is one of those rare sequels that is relatively forgotten, but actually thoroughly solid in it's own right. Seeing that the original film left off on a dour and inconclusive note, it makes sense in a way to make a sequel, and the French city of Marseilles makes for an interesting set-piece counterpoint to the original's New York. It has pacing issues and it's a bit overlong (there's a drug-withdrawal section in the movie that's impressively harrowing, yet a bit drawn out), but it's smoothly edited and engaging enough to be considered a quality film, rather than a cash grab. Nothing tops the original, but if you forget about that then oft-forgotten crime film this is well worth your viewing time.

Nina S (au) wrote: The Harryhausen bugs were great, the acting was headache-inducing.

Jon C (fr) wrote: Julian Sands rules playing the titular villain; he's charismatic and doesn't wink an eyebeing a servant to the devil he's on a mission to bring about the end of creation for the worldbefore his execution he is transported to our modern world to collect the remaining pages of Hell's bibleluckily Redferne follows him from the 16th century and he teams up with a girl, Kassandra not any real scares but Sand's performance alone makes the movie so much fun seeing him use his otherworldly powersGrant and Singer play very well together both wanting to track down the warlock to each get somethingit's a bit more low-budget than it appears, still, Sands is the best part

William s (br) wrote: A must see for zombie nuts!

Smashproplaya (es) wrote: Worst theatrical animated movie of all time