Duhovi Sarajeva

Duhovi Sarajeva

Two guys from Sarajevo have a megalomaniac idea to restore destroyed cable car that was once used during 1984 Winter Olympics. A pretty female student suddenly enters their lives.

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Jenny P (gb) wrote: What the...? I swear, as corny as the storyline was I just couldnt wait to see the actor/actress botch it up too. Seriously, it is such a cliche story and Neil's acting is bad as it is. Deepika was tolerable but if it wasn't for Neil's good looks, I probably would have given up halfway.

Olly H (mx) wrote: if you like movies like public enemy no1 you will like this one for sure

Bolly B (it) wrote: Meryl Streep is just hilarious, but the ending is soo sad.

Deadly V (gb) wrote: Top notch police action

John P (it) wrote: Nice inspirational movie.

Kris W (de) wrote: "Two lovers. One chance. No time." Pretty bad 80's love story with Craig Sheffer (Some Kind Of Wonderful), Virginia Madsen (Candyman), Jon Polito (Millers Crossing), D B Sweeney (Cuttig Edge), Jean Smart (Garden State), and JJ Cohen (the least famous member of Biff's gag in Back To The Future). Joe Fisk: So... what... studying to be a nun? Lisa Taylor: No. Are you studying to be a crook? Lisa Taylor: I can feel your heart beating. Can you feel mine? Joe Fisk: I can feel your heart. I can feel your hair. You're so incredible. Joe Fisk: So, uh, what were you doing out in the forest? Lisa Taylor: That's my secret hobby. Photography. Joe Fisk: Really? Lisa Taylor: I was taking pictures of myself. Joe Fisk: Why? Lisa Taylor: Well, I was supposed to be Ophelia. Joe Fisk: Oh, right. That's, um... the painting out in the hallway. Right? Lisa Taylor: Yeah. You're very observant. Joe Fisk: Well, I saw you in the forest... Did you see me? Lisa Taylor: Of course I saw you. That's why you're here.

Melody S (ag) wrote: Love Henry. ???