A story about things that are really important in life.

A story about things that are really important in life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Udayalaksmanakartiyasa H (ag) wrote: I like how this movie are not glorifying Mandela. It also showed some of his not so adorable past. Makes it feels true.

Galvy F (ag) wrote: When life out here is always fast when what we do is move fast and work fast when we work as a large team. When we see life here has to be ready gor all challenges we face to be faster then our competition humans. When we see our life right in front of our eyes to see things slowly when reality conflicts with dreams. When we see life all have a purpose that keeps the hive system moving fast when we are all assigned a duty. When we rather fly fast with other bees we see are more like us. When jobs are going fast when some people are happy with their job, that we need to pick something. When others don't see us as anything else but what job is assigned to us to soar past what slows us down and reach new heights where the sky is blue and there is much more then meet the eye. When we see an intricate system of what gives us the stuff we need, we see we are dealing with super smart fast bees that know how nature works. What what we don't see or don't know could slow us down aswell our team when we drift and go places we are not supposed to go. When what we don't know could do more then slow us but kill us. When we see some people take the time to understand us when we both have busy fast life's but don't ever have the time or ever get long. When somethings we don't know we naturally see ourselves slow and admire fast things whom take the time to know us and be-friend. When we see we move fast with some people when we naturally click and get along. When we can't see why somethings why our mind us slow and nor open to the thought. When life moves fast that we naturally move with it or against it. When we think we found that someone yo spend our life with we move fast. When life presents it's challenges in whom we accept around we see others slow to close and put and end to such company. When we see there are companies that exploit or make their own branded honeys we see others move faster then we do. When we need to see clearly to better our vision to move forward. When we need to see and end of such injustice to slow those on their tracks. When we see we are faster then we look when we put 2 and 2 together faster when we have a lead. When we see somethings are bigger then it looks when we see how fast how others can exploit somethings that are slow, dumb and weak. When we see that we need to make others see that we are slow when we are the one's being shut off from the world. When we see that our world is faster then meets the eye when we have similar world's when we are world's apart. When somethings we see that lasts the test of time and open to everyone faster or slow when the law weights in. When we see others are smooth fast talkers that doesn't imply to us when we are bees and others are humans. When we see that life has their misunderstandings, unclarity, injustices that we don't see but need to see when the law doesn't like to be slow when injustices reign over the world. When we see we are slow when anyone can make a mistake and life is full of them when somethings out wit us with how fast they know us & life they exploit. When we see how fat we are when there is no mistake when life are going on living a lie, exploited and taken for granted that we take a stand. When we see we move fast when somethings we never saw we were doing we do now when we give those the life they wish and deserve. When what we see makes us slow when we font know the consequences of our actions to see our views are too an injustice to people's livlihood when they help life move fast with it and us around. When we see we got to move fast to make other things grow fast and back to normal. When we see we are slowed down and side tracked to need help fast by unluckily source of bee power. When we see some plans we work out fast and last minute do work out with fast acting workers that want what we like to see. When life has its purpose and others see we are fast and ready for what we didn't see before. When we see life is well balanced when we all move at the same speed together.

Afifa M (us) wrote: brings alot of memories for me.. so for me.. i really loved it and can watch the film again and again.. love the song aao na..

Jason W (es) wrote: A wonderfully acted look at 1970's subculture. Being somewhat familiar with the source material I was surprised how faithfully this adaptation kept the spirit of the short stories.

Bryan S (ca) wrote: ha here's that hippy St Francis movie i saw in class. it's hippy, that's pretty much all that needs to be said. ha, but Alec Guinness (the original Obi-Wan) plays the Pope; that's kinda cool ;)

Grant W (ru) wrote: A film to be watched like wine is to be drank. Saviour this for all its subtleties, nuances and textures... it is so rich. Go slow and have patience.

AudreyKim H (de) wrote: Not quite as good as I expected it would be, but not bad. Was surprised that it was in Technicolor--most of Hayward's biopics were in b&w.

Donna S (de) wrote: The reason this gets any stars at all is because it is freaking hiarious, even without the MSTies.

Debbie P (es) wrote: This is the first Valentino movie I ever saw. The scenes with Nita Naldi and Valentino are breath-taking...

Tobias H (ca) wrote: Ving Rhames, Wesley Snips and Michael Rooker. Enough said.