Dulha Mil Gaya

Dulha Mil Gaya

A heart warming tale of four individuals each of whom have different takes on relationships in their lives. When paths cross for these four characters, fireworks go off and they not only land up influencing each other with their outlook on relationships but also get influenced themselves and learn a whole new meaning of the term.

A man marries so he can inherit his father's wealth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chadd M (gb) wrote: Just horrible. How did this even get in my queue?

Amanda M (br) wrote: horrible. why so many tinker bell movies? >=(

Ernie M (ag) wrote: Honestly my head hurts from reading the description

LA L (es) wrote: Nowhere near great but a fun watch for any Hannibal Lecter fanatic.

Shinta P (ag) wrote: was very very very similar to the book

Sarah F (jp) wrote: i would like to see this

Knox M (kr) wrote: All That Jazz is an unforgiving portrait of a drug-abusing, sex-obsessed, and egomaniacal dancer with a heart like rusted metal.

Super K (nl) wrote: ok I just love bette davis.

Will E (it) wrote: On Netflix Instant Watch now! Very good entry in Hammer's Karnstein trilogy of vampire ladies, loosely based on "Carmilla" by J. Sheridan Le Fanu, the classic 19th century vampire tale that predates 'Dracula.' Peter Cushing is great as a mad witch hunter, and the Collinson twins are wonderful as well.

Brett F (es) wrote: Inept direction from Edwards means the film lacks focus and coherency and Rock Hudson seems to sleepwalk through the entire piece but Julie Andrews, playing the part of a singing Mata Hari which is about as unlikely a piece of casting as imaginable, looks and sounds so gorgeous that she somehow manages to pull it all off and redeem what would otherwise be a total trainwreck. It's tragic to consider that this was the last big feature film Andrews was to make as a musical star. The sudden downturn in the popularity of film musicals meant the world was robbed of seeing more of this multitalented performer in a period when she was at the peak of her vocal craft.

Cameron D (gb) wrote: Funny but not as good as the first!

Marischa B (ag) wrote: Theme about the youngsters are always soaring with high commercial elements with lots of comedy that hardly brings any smile on us. This was one of the teen movie based on the true story of the two friends which is mostly uninspiring, but a well told story.The young actor from one of my favorite teen movie 'Project X' was incredibly good. He's really showing some characters that he may become a valuable property in the Hollywood in the near future. He also reminds me a crossover outcome of Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill.Well the story was about two school dropouts who decide to do business on marijuana import-export. Since it is not illegal in the nearby place to their's across the border, they draw a master plan to execute and succeeds and what comes later is you've to see. Actually, one of a better movie told from the negative side of the social welfare. So good to enjoy the film, but not to follow it.

Danielle L (ca) wrote: Maybe it's because I grew up in the 70's and 80's, but I have loved this film since the first time I watched it. The acting itself is good, if you're the type that focuses on facial gestures, body language and timing...like I do. Give it a chance and you may just like it. Plus, I think it's one of the only films George H. was any good at...he he

Alejandro R (ag) wrote: It was ok. Not the greatest of action thrillers. There was certainly some fascinating material to play with, but the story seemed watered down a bit and the intellectual hero brining that level of physical courage and ability seemed incredibly unrealistic. Overall not a bad film so I give it 3.5 stars.

Heather S (es) wrote: Great! A must see at Christmas!