A poor, small time village belle reside in Bombay, India. She is the sole owner of only the clothes that she wore, her name is Radha. Her life is shattered as her husband had a sudden ...

A poor, small time village belle reside in Bombay, India. She is the sole owner of only the clothes that she wore, her name is Radha. Her life is shattered as her husband had a sudden ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ava H (mx) wrote: Powerful, insightful

Mark D (fr) wrote: Inspired visually by the giallo, but with lack of dialogue comes lack of character and thats what it was lacking for me to fully love it. BUT visually it was breath taking, and the soundtrack was superb. More an Art film than a genre flick.

Athenas R (br) wrote: I can't seem to give this an even lower rating. I waited to see if anything would happen, nothing ever did - a complete waste of time and film. Terrorized ? Some idiot breaks the windows of the house, runs around and knocks things down a couple of nights. Mysterious presence - what mysterious presence? So, what time of year was it suppose to be? half the corn field was green, but most of it was long dead - should have been plowed under long ago. All this because some kid heard about Charles Manson, some hippies show up, and some farm hand has either mental issues or is an addict. The kid grew up to make a lousy movie.

Jc E (kr) wrote: Having people quarantined because of exposure to new and exotic diseases also gives CDC the chance to experiment new drugs on these subjects. Needless to say, only those who received the right treatment would survive.

Michael A (ag) wrote: Great performances by Michael Sheen and Ron Livingston help this by the numbers bioflick of Richard Pimentel who was one of the many who help form the Americans With Disiablities Act

Mr Movie R (de) wrote: Full of comedy and definitely plenty of awkwardness.

Zack L (nl) wrote: Scream 2 is by no means a bad movie; in fact, it's quite a good movie. But in comparison to the genre-challenging near-masterpiece that came before it, I was underwhelmed. I've seen this film twice now, and I have to say: my memory of it was far more fond than it should have been. I remembered it being almost as good as the original, just as scary, just as intense. I watched it again. It's not. It's just not.There were only a few brief moments in the film where I felt actual genuine suspense, the most prominent of which being [SPOILERS] when Sidney and her friend Hallie are in a police car being stalked by Ghostface. This scene provided a genuinely tense and scary moment without which I'm sure my opinion on the film would have been lower.It's well-acted. The leads, Campbell, Arquette, Cox, and Kennedy all give strong, believable performances. Also, the additions of Timothy Olyphant and Jerry O'Connell really cemented the cast as one of the best ensembles of the series.But it just felt underwhelming in a way. Not sure how some people consider it the best of the series...

Todd F (us) wrote: Cliche-ridden. Comparisons to Shine are off the mark; this movie seems to be more interested in melodrama than music.

Cameron T (au) wrote: While not great, it's not bad or horrible.A fresh rating of 87%. "It might recycle the first film's plot, but The Karate Kid Part III still has the chemistry with Ralph and Pat, and the villains are always fun to watch."

Talia M (mx) wrote: PATHFINDER as has been noted elsewhere is either a film you love or a film you hate. Yes, it is full of cliches, but has it not been said that there is no original story that has ever been told? This is my favorite Karl Urben film (or performance) ever. The tale of an outsider trying to save his family (tribe) and win inclusion at the same time --- what could be more humane?

Todd G (kr) wrote: Quite possibly one of my favorite films that has NOT been released on DVD.

Adrienne I (nl) wrote: I especially liked the scene where fonda and her husband discuss how one cant analyze problems without looking at them in the frame of context of the relationship. This movie finally explained to me why Jane Fonda is an actress.

Justin R (fr) wrote: Another creature feature from Toho Studios, the studio Godzilla brings giant flying reptiles referred to by scientists as rodan causing destruction and death in a Japanese city. Run for your lives! This film features the dubbed voice of George Takei, who played Hikaru Sulu on "Star Trek" and the movies.

Z P (de) wrote: Mostly fluff but well acted by both leads and Ginger is, as always, fabulously funny.