A boy is teased into believing that he is growing a tail.

A boy is teased into believing that he is growing a tail. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dailiesel M (us) wrote: THIS MOVIE IS GREAT JOB..

Dana S (mx) wrote: Two stars would be generous as this movie clicks all the bad horror clich (C)s and tops it off with a healthy dose of empty twist. But it did at least pass fast at around 90 minutes. Too bad it does not scare at all.

Zachary D (fr) wrote: At 143 minutes, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl buries all the fun it could've have and should've have.

Jacob G (fr) wrote: A good movie to watch. I think the main reason I love this movie is because this is the start of when she became interested in humanitarian work, and it's cool to see how someone's work can reflect onto their personal life.

Leah W (us) wrote: Awful movie, trivializes rehab and is just boring and stupid to boot!

Juuso L (mx) wrote: Unintresting and mediocre. Asia shows her goodies a lot, that's about it. Two stars for AA.

Andrew M (kr) wrote: Happy Gilmore did make me happy. Adam Sandler was comedy gold in the 90's and this is just one of his best 90's film. This movie is hilarious and impossible not to laugh. I would suggest this movie.

kari l (gb) wrote: one word: funny as hell

Alex S (kr) wrote: I can't say its a good movie...But I also have to recommend it. it's a lot of fun, even though it has dismal acting/directing/writing. I enjoyed watching it immensely.

Gareth D (us) wrote: Yes. I'm a fan. My first Fassbinder, (his first too), and I love his style. Any film that uses minimal editing and a watchful camera gets my adoration. The film is rendered beautiful by a curiosity of musical pieces.

Lindsay R (kr) wrote: While not only is this film so disturbing that you will feel as if you should take a shower after you finish it, it is also unbelievably heartbreaking in a realistic perspective. Which is why I think Repulsion is one of the best horror films of all time, even if it is a different kind of horror.

Rick Q (au) wrote: "irma la douce" is right up there with billy wilder's very best comedies. had a lesser actor than jack lemmon played the lead role, the film wouldn't be anywhere near as fantastic, mainly because lemmon's lord x is one of the most comically brilliant film performances ever.

Takushi Y (nl) wrote: TOHO CINEMAS Nagoya Baycity, 2013/10/5

Orlok W (br) wrote: Obscure "B" Film Noir About Cold-Blooded Femme Fatal--Femme Fatale on overdrive!!

Samuel A (ca) wrote: golden oldie, thats all i have to say. plus its funny as all get out.

Ricardo A (au) wrote: Great thriller that has a ending that may take you by surprise but definitely excite you.

Sebastin L (de) wrote: one of the best movies ever made

Juls XD H (gb) wrote: i loved this movie, has a great character and great actors !! :)

Alex M (nl) wrote: In the same way that "Neutron Star Collision" seems like someone systematically pieced together the ingredients of a Muse song with drab results, "When the Game Stands Tall" is a formulaic assembly of sports-film and "inspirational" tropes that ultimately offers nothing you haven't already seen another film do better.

Melanie D (ca) wrote: I liked the idea of the literary mystery mixed with the story of two romances past and present, but there was something missing - I'm not sure what it was. I should probably just have read the book.