Dungeon Girl

Dungeon Girl

A shocking story of captivity and survival inspired by actual events.

A shocking story of captivity and survival inspired by actual events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Curtis R (it) wrote: Perfect casting resulting in great acting. Christopher Walken eats the 50s scenery in his own patented way and the vocal performances warrant the making of this film. The editing on the other hand is sloppy resulting in pacing that clashes with the non-linear method of storytelling that has become popular in movies lately. The only other problem with the film is the final performance of Can't Take My Eyes Off You. The build up to this classic song is executed perfectly and connoisseurs of music can tell it's coming, however, the orchestration is ear bleedingly bad and comes pretty close to ruining the whole movie. Fortunately the story is compelling, the comedy is good, and the acting are able to save it.

Love M (nl) wrote: A bleak but artistic drama of love and lost. Wrenchinly honest, painfully slow! 17/02/2013

Eric R (gb) wrote: About our stolen election in 2000. A must see for anyone concerned about the electoral process.

Loreno V (es) wrote: It was a fun little movie, but every character here seems to be taken from a stereotype machine. The latin drug dealer, the gringo with no feeling, the big breasted blonde, etc. I wouldn't watch it again.

Philip L (nl) wrote: In the 23 years of this movies exsistence I never saw it. In my 22 years of watching horror movies I always wanted to. I remember seeing the box art in the video stores a lot in the late 80's and early 90's and being intrigued, but for reasons unknown never asked my mom to rent it. Time passed and the movie slowly disappeared from rental places and slipped from my mind altogether. That is until about seven years ago when I was reading some stuff on Clive Barker, whose three films I adore, that I came across the info that he had written the script for a film called Rawhead Rex. It all came rushing back to me. I got super excited, but it was too late the dvd was out of print by then and going for an amount I would not shell out. I thought I would never see this movie. For the next few years I read about it online and in books, and heard a lot of bad things about including some nasty comments from Barker himself and tried to convince myself it wasn't a big loss not seeing it considering all the reviews. Well... last night I had my cherry popped. And I must say that most of the reviews I'd read over the past few years where dead wrong. I fucking loved this flick!!Cheesy...yes, but it was wicked fun. And call me stupid, but an Irish trailer park? I always equated trailer trash with the shitty country I live in. The United States. The kid even had a fucking mullet. I almost lost it. Anyway, sorry that the story about not seeing it is longer than my thoughts on the film, but all i can say about it is that it was a blast.

Thomas G (de) wrote: American Pop is probably the most detailed look at an era in American culture that I have seen in a while. This being a musical, I was able to tell I would enjoy it because it seemed as if were reflecting the era of the 60s' or 70s'. I f I were able to live in any time of American history, it would be that. I mean, we're speaking of many subcultures, events and genres we had at that time; Hippies, Woodstock, Rock and Roll, the Vietnam War, and of course, pop music. Today, our subcultures and events consist of Dicks, morons and Afghanistan. What I do enjoy about this film is the fact that it does go into detail with that era of music and culture, and what does help is the liscensed music featured in the film. The only song missing was a number by Rush, which would have been perfect. The songs actually got me into the mood of the era, and so did the cultures featured in the film. These cultures and people are a band of hippies that soon become famous thanks to a don-on-his-luck music producer, a Pop singer and Crack distributor, and a LOT of strippers.In the film, you follow the music producer, who's name is Tony, for 3/4 of the film. You follow the 80's singer, Pete, for the last twenty minutes. You atually see the progression of Tony from being a child to becoming a depressed, middle-aged man. He apparently inspires Pete to become a musician, as well as distribute crack while he's at it (because drugs were cool back then).The film has a unique animation style that is not much like traditional animation because it is not very exaggerated. Sure it is surreal in certain parts, but it is drawn much as if they had mapped it out to show the actual movements of people. I will admit, this film was kind of racist according to the animation. For example, the white characters are all normally figured faces. Meanwhile, every black character (which is only about six) follows every cliche in drawing black characters. Literally, one looked like the Spirit's sidekick.Overall, American Pop is another adult (literally) animated film that has gone above my expectations, not on an emotional level, but on a level of being pure entertainment. It is a "fun" film that I am willing to watch again sometime. It is available on youtube part-by-part.