Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons

The classic role-playing game comes to life in this magical adventure. The empire of Izmer is a divided land: Elite magicians called Mages rule while lowly commoners are powerless. When Empress Savina (Thora Birch) vows to bring equality and prosperity to her land, the evil Mage Profion (Jeremy Irons) plots to depose her. But this good-vs.-evil battle is no game!

Profion, a tyrant, attempts to overthrow a peaceful kingdom ruled by a tough empress. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Moishe F (it) wrote: Really liked it. When I was watching I forgot I had a body. Suddenly my mind cleared and I realized my foot was pressed into the seat in front of me, some other moviegoer probably hatin' on me... Sigh, it's your fault Joe Swanberg, damn you!Overall, it's sweet, and the characters' dilemmas were relate-able for me.

Aaron C (ru) wrote: funny at parts, but mostly seemed a bit forced in its story-telling. i couldn't keep my eyes open midway through and missed all the heartwrenching drama. Perhaps it's for the better...

Private U (ca) wrote: I really liked this movie! The story moved kinda slow but Donnie Wahlberg did a great job portraying Andy Burnett.

Richard S (es) wrote: As long as you don't take it seriously, it's kind of fun. Think of it in part as a tribute to other horror films, but not in the crappy "X movie" way. Actually has some original writing and does not always take the easy route as so many of these movies do.

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Nathaniel M (mx) wrote: A film about the creative mind being driven by self disgust.

Melanie R (gb) wrote: Very funny and very Barrymore

Gavin S (jp) wrote: I can't recall being blown away. One more of the "classics" that I just didn't latch onto.

Patrick M (it) wrote: [color=black]I couldn't take Norman Bates seriously as a Quaker.[/color]

Gregory W (gb) wrote: great sad weepie though the original is more interesting rewatch3/21/11: this is a movie I can watch over & over like say now voyager or random hearvest that I can just watch & watch & never get tired of!

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