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Geoff J (gb) wrote: I have a real fear of dark forests in the dead of night, so this should have worked like gangbusters. It didn't, largely thanks to three of the most obnoxious characters seen in recent films.

Kathryn P (kr) wrote: Watched it stoned. Trippy as fuck.

karlina m (ru) wrote: Oh Lordy, I cried so much during this film. It's like my generation's Terms of Endearment. I could not get a grip on myself until towards the end. The disconnection of the mother, the fact that she had the ability to leave her baby son. I could not stand the character Diane on one level because she is obviously unbelievably selfish and self-destructive. Yet, on another level, I felt great compassion for her. All mothers whether they admit to it or not, fear being unable to establish meaningful connections with their children. This is the story of a mother who not only did not connect with her child, but abandoned him. Michelle Monaghan's character is a big drinker and uses men to fill her emptiness, which made it even more difficult to watch but at the same time made it even more riveting. As I was watching, I wanted to see myself as different than Diane, but there are self-destructive parts of her every woman struggles to face. Even though I have made much different decisions than Diane, this film made me feel I could not judge the character or her decisions. In my opinion, we are all just a few twists of fate from despair and brokenness though we will do most anything not to acknowledge that. I was shocked to see this is the first film by director James Mottern. I am looking forward to seeing what other movies he has coming up. He obviously directed the pants off Michelle Monaghan (I had never heard of her before this film and when I looked her up saw she had mostly played forgettable supporting roles). I am a big Nathan Fiillion fan and really enjoyed his scenes. I do wish he had had a bigger role. Overall, I highly recommend this film but make sure you have kleenex on hand.

Keith T (it) wrote: I saw a lot of negative press on this, basically because Ray Winstone isn't John Thaw, but I think the update has worked a treat. Good film. Plenty of action and general entertainment.

Ernie C (ru) wrote: Awfully unfunny. Kat Williams was only able to do so much to help add some chuckles to what was supposed to be a comedy. It was pretty tragic.

Spookie M (mx) wrote: Decent sequel by the great Brian Trenchard-Smith.

explodingboy1989 (gb) wrote: After the disappointment of part 3, I was a little weary of this one. Fortunately, this one surpassed my expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. American Ninja 4 is EVERYTHING you'd want in an American Ninja movie: explosions, cheesy action set pieces, ninjas, exotic island locales, and finally- da man himself, Michael Dudikoff. I almost thought this was two separate films, with the first 40 minutes being a David Bradley AN movie, and the last 40 being ALL OUT Dudikoff. Nonetheless, I liked this one a lot. Joe Armstrong comes out of retirement as a teacher for the Peace Corps to save the lame American Ninja (Bradley), who got himself captured- but not before annoying us American Ninja purists for 30 minutes beforehand with dumb one-liners and awful facial expressions. When Dudikoff shows up on screen, you'll be jumping to your feet and cheering (at least, I was). Armstrong teams up with a bunch of rejects from Mad Max 2 and take out a couple of British and Islamic terrorist stereotypes. This is pure Golan-Globus velveeta, and I love it! The complaints are few: David Bradley isn't too annoying, because he's captured after awhile; no Steve James, and no Michael Dudikoff until about 40 minutes in. Thank the heavens that when he finally does show up, it's pure cheesy ninja goodness at its finest. And remember Joe Armstrong's lesson for today: the environment is all around us. Now go outside and find him an example. And if you need him, he'll be at the school.

John A (us) wrote: This Underrated Slasher, Follows Officer Jack Forrest (Bruce Campbell), Who Is Suspected Of Being A Serial Killer. This Killer Stalks The Streets In An Officer's Uniform. Forrest Must Clear His Name And Find Proof Of His Innocence. As A Thriller It's Mediocre, As A Slasher It's Average And With Decent Performances And A Somewhat Basic, Typical & Average Plot Line It Works.

Jos P (au) wrote: One of the best movies ever! It shows the acting ability and talent of Tom Hanks.

darryl c (kr) wrote: garbo is one of many stars in this international drama of squalor in post-world war i berlin. garbo's role is grete rumfort, a young woman faced with the prospect of becoming a prostitute in order to survive.

stefano l (ca) wrote: I had very high expectations on this movie, but in the end it was nothing that good. What stands above everything is the total absence of even the small believability of the characters and the reason of their actions.

Karsh D (jp) wrote: It is what it is. Laughably bad.

Mark P (ag) wrote: Alright for a one off

Crystal R (kr) wrote: Didn't think that I would, but I liked it! It was pretty well done and made me jump a lot! Typical possession story....little girl- demon you know how it goes. Good scares though and pretty well acted. Worth a watch! Free on Amazon Prime. Don't watch the trailers....gives away the good scares.