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Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.

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Tamryn H (br) wrote: UGH I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE SO BAD!!!!

LauralyBeautiful C (au) wrote: I loved reading his books, but the movie was unbearable. I didn't watch more than 40 minutes -- that is how unbearable I'm meaning.

Tori M (br) wrote: The animation and story are simple, but this is a real treat to watch.

Jonathan C (us) wrote: Very powerful re-telling of the last days of the Third Reich as it happened in Hitler's bunker. Well done film.

Matt D (gb) wrote: A truly good film is one where you take something new away from it each time you watch it. I've seen NofD II at least 4 times now, and I can say that it's truly astounding that I'm still able to pick out metaphors and allusions to Russian literature. The mise en scene is also remarkably breathtaking and shows hints of German expressionism and the works of a young F. W. Murnau. Oh yeah, and a tube of lipstick comes alive and has sex with a woman thus turning her into a demon.

Peter F (kr) wrote: Uneven gangster film, although it does have a few memorable scenes.

Ross B (jp) wrote: For those of you who have bagged this movie, I would like to quote Ralph... "You're Doomed.... Definitely doomed." and to quote Dracula "Boys, don't be in such a rush..." In other words... "What difference does it make" Only fans will echo my sentiments. Cheers, Ross.

Frank G (br) wrote: C+ = Slightly above average

Amrita S (jp) wrote: very sweet, endearing love story... feel sorry for the Bellamy character though.

David W (fr) wrote: America can truly define this film

Troy F (es) wrote: Furious is one hell of a fucking oddity of a film. Not many films, if ever, have made me feel the way Furious made me feel: confused and leaving me laughing and crying like a mental patient... most of the laughter was from me going mad from confusion. I dare you to explain the plot of this film, you will scratch your head trying to figure it out. Unexplained events, almost devoid of dialogue when there should be, random characters, an odd obsession with chickens, a man turning into a talking pig upon death repetition of shots and the editing just going out of whack, a random cutaway to a Devo like rock band!? WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON!? The most confusing, head inducing question that the film will leave with is whether the film was supposed to be serious or intentionally funny. My only theory is that this film was meant to be serious and that partway through shooting, everyone just gave up and started dicking around,a nd when it got to editing, the editor didn't give a shit and fucked around by repeating shots and creating awkward silly moments out of everything. Your guess at what happened is as good as mine. I don't think I can possibly rate Furious. It's both awful and such an intriguing oddity that it needs to be seen. Watch at your own risk though, you will be left scratching your head till your head bleeds and your brain deteriorates.

Richard P (es) wrote: One of the most well written and inspirational movies of this time. The actors were superb and the message was clear. A Catholic slant with a message that was true for all. I give it a 9 out of 10 because of the redemptive qualities forgiveness provides but it lacked an important evangelical message "Forgiveness through the blood of Christ".

ketia m (au) wrote: I love tinker bell movies so much

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