Duo sang

Duo sang

Autobiographical story about the life of a poor family in the Taiwanese countryside during the 1940s and 1950s as the Japanese rule of the island ends and nationalist forces of Kwomintang arrive when the Communists take the mainland.

Sega, a Taiwanese born in the years of Japanese rule, felt closer to Japanese nationality and culture than to the Mainland Chinese authorities who took over in 1945. The Japanese ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dean M (br) wrote: Not a bad Hong Kong sci-fi-action flick, but it's a bit complete mess. The lead character is insipid and uninteresting, the storyline is poorly developed, and the emotional subplots are laughable and unconvincing.Shu Qi and Zhang Jingchu aren(TM)t bad in their roles, and some of the kung-fu action is decent. There(TM)s also Aaron Kwok and his crazy overacting " and hey, if entertainment has a name, it(TM)s Aaron Kwok.Despite this major setback, Benny Chan (Invisible Target, New Police Story) who has a track record churning out entertaining action flicks over the years is still an adept hand in conducting massive mayhem be it on the highway or high-rise buildings with his frequent collaborator, action choreographer Nicky Li. Obviously when it comes to action sequences, no one do it better other than Chan and Li with the nimble combination of wirefu and explosions. The various fight sequences populated with plenty of CG enhanced daggers turned out to be less memorable and engaging this time though it will still please the action fans seeing Colin Chou sparring with Wu Jing and so on. I see Chou is yet again in a one-dimensional, poorly-written baddie role that he so commonly portrayed in the nineties.

Jonathan H (us) wrote: lol idk, it was kinda entertaining and alright for a low budget movie.

Jacques N (kr) wrote: It's Blair Witch meets Wicker Man, but not so good, if you like indie low budget movies and you make allowances for them, then you might very well enjoy it. Approach with caution, one to rent, not to buy.

Dave M (mx) wrote: "Hey, we've all lost someone we loved."(to a girl who just watched her parents slaughtered by mutant snakes like, 5 minutes before)Was she in shock over that or that she was lucky enough to be within arms length of Tara Reid's infamously awful breast implants?

Yan L (mx) wrote: Sweet flim, liked this one, rom com

bronagh s (ca) wrote: not a bad story, to graphic for me.

Heather M (au) wrote: Westerns are not my thing. I gave this one a chance because of the cast, but I could have passed on watching this.

Gabita G (kr) wrote: Foarte frumos filmul

Tom G (nl) wrote: I don't know how good the "Russian accents" were but can't imagine they were brilliant. Aside from that there were some glaringly obvious goofs. All in all not terrible.

Nicky N (us) wrote: This Was OK.I Was Expecting More Action.This Could Have Been More Better.But Ford Is Great As Jack Ryan.The Hunt For Red October Was Better.C+

Lee (fr) wrote: A mutant humanoid, dubbed a "Gargoyle", wreaks havoc 500 feet below the surface in an underground laboratory seeking to impregnate female scientists to carry his ungodly seed. It's cheesy and rips many moments from Ridley Scotts 'Alien', but this movie ain't half bad to be honest, quite good fun. And the creature itself wasn't as bad as I thought it would be either - effective enough to be menacing without being too laughable. A generous amount of blood and some gore along the way too which was pleasing. All in all an entertaining b-movie worthy of your attention if you don't mind low-grade monster flicks.

Stacy M (us) wrote: This movie is fantastic. I like it that it takes place in the future but it does not use any special effects. It is almost comedic.

Marie M (es) wrote: Interesting exercise in ensemble: though the film is clearly an Astaire-Rogers vehicle, the presence of a second romantic couple in Scott and Dunne provides that old comedy-tragedy counterpoint, Astaire and Rogers reprising their comic coupling from Flying Down to Rio. Dunne sings beautifully and hauntingly, especially in Smoke Gets in Your Eye. Rogers' faux French accent is funny enough, though it gets irritating at times. She and Astaire recapture their lighthearted playfulness from Rio, especially in their prelude to the Hard to Handle dance duet where mutual teasing leads to one of their most fun of fun duets. By contrast, their romantic dance duet to a reprise of Smoke Gets in Your Eye is one of their more haunting performances, compounded by Rogers' beautifully simple but lush black dress. The gowns throughout the film, and especially those featured in the fashion show, are quite something to ogle at and provide an interesting case of how trends change over the years; I found myself questioning some of the styling choices, but it was after all the thirties. Overall, an interesting departure from the Astaire-Rogers formula where Astaire must pursue Rogers at length before romance blossoms - indeed, their romance in Roberta is the cycle's easiest, happening rather instantaneously and almost without incident - but nonetheless enjoyable on its own merits.

Ian S (us) wrote: John McClane heads to Russia to cause more mayhem as only he knows how