When a young couple buys their dream home, they have no idea what the sweet little old lady upstairs is going to put them through!

The story is the dramatic conflicts between young couple writer and an very old woman living under the same roof. The couple dreams of the quiet life to complete the unfinished novel, the woamn lives a lively and noisy life. How they live together in harmony under one roof? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher H (de) wrote: Perfectly competent chamber piece adapted from a play. It's a great start, but tailed off a little. interesting in its historical context.

Goofy H (fr) wrote: poor movie poore actors

Milo N (it) wrote: Thought-provoking, outstanding acting, smartly written. Streep's best performance of her career.

Mike L (au) wrote: Cheesier than a triple cheese pizza with cheesy crust and a side of cheese bread. Couldn't get through it.

Randy L (ag) wrote: horribly written, acted, edited, directed, cast. the music didn't make any sense and the lighting was like a television soaps. total garbage.

Robert I (jp) wrote: First off, this is getting a higher rating than the first purely because of the "Song of the South" parody. But chalk this film up as another sequel in line with Ace Ventura 2 and Lethal Weapon 2 where an "issue" seems to be more important than story. In this case, Fletch takes on The South! Chase returns as a more competent Fletch who is a MUCH better liar than in the first movie... But sadly not any funnier. But I will give R. Lee Ermey credit for not playing a military man.

Leonardo Malacay S (br) wrote: Ritos, construcciones, formas de vida, gente... Gente que se nutre de la tierra y vuelve a ella, gente, gente.Cada mirada, profunda parece escrutar al espectador.

Simon C (fr) wrote: Clearly I've turned senile and remember nothing of my first (only) viewing in the 80s. Noted for rewatching.

Sam B (fr) wrote: This was a delightfully quirky film about the lives of the people of a fictional town in Texas. It acts as a travelogue for the average American town in a harmless, yet satirical way. And the music is awesome, of course. 06.28.0995th Film of 2009

Sergio M (nl) wrote: just what it says on the label. fun fun fun. specially when watched in the cinema with a bunch of people laughing at the jokes and gorey scenes! epic moments, like the 80s 'sexy' dancing, and the first killing, and the twin killer... and the choking by fisting!! hahaaaaa brilliant.

s x (fr) wrote: Good, but ending was very short and disappointing.

Kevin R (ag) wrote: Some men shut their eyes and dream and some men open them and hope Don Juan is a legend and known for traveling the word and seducing women. Generally, the women he seduces are married or engaged so his reputation is not held in high regard by his fellow Spanish countrymen. When Don is deported back to Spain, he is required to befriend the queen to clear his reputation and earn his freedom. The queen sends him on several tasks, one of which may save the country from a potential conqueror. "We should never close our eyes to beauty." Vincent Sherman, director of Savage in the Orient, Lady of the House, A Fever in the Blood, Affair in Trinidad, and The Man Who Talked Too Much, delivers The Adventure of Don Juan. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and well paced. The action scenes are solid, the script is well written and well delivered, and the acting by Errol Flynn is awesome. The cast as a whole delivers solid performances and includes Flynn, Ann Rutherford, and Viveca Lindfors. "You put it bluntly but with a certain degree of accuracy." The Adventure of Don Juan is a film that I was inspired to see after viewing Black Swan, a similar swashbuckling picture that was released during this time period. The first Errol Flynn movie I ever saw was Green Light, which was greatly disappointing; however, this movie definitely righted that ship. I adored this movie from beginning to the end. This picture truly displayed Flynn's greatness and flare. I strongly recommend seeing this movie. "The shepherd may change but the sheep remain the same." Grade: A

IMC MadDawg (ag) wrote: it is a great movie 5 stars

Thomas D (it) wrote: Far and away the most poignant and heart-rendering film ever made about the assassination of one of our most beloved Presidents. Have no illusions about this story, it is not easy to watch, Kennedy's murder was always something we learned about in Hollywood blockbusters, this was far more personal. People will say there was nothing new about the examination of the Kennedy assassination, but seeing it through the eyes of the Secret Service, the medical team who tried to save him, his staff and most tragically, his wife made it feel far more powerful than anything I've seen before. It's nothing short of unforgettable, but be prepared to be shaken to your core.

Lee B (ag) wrote: Great movie...tons of fun...matt damon was incredible in this...and soundtrack was a pleasant surprise..

Zachary K (ru) wrote: Much better than expected. What a classic