• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Dushman 1957 full movies, Dushman torrents movie

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Dushman torrent reviews

Huw G (nl) wrote: Lots of genuinely dramatic action, ironically no real depth at all.

Mike M (kr) wrote: Is this a story of personalities, the places they go to ski, or a chronological account of the sport's development? We get a little of each, and not enough of any to satisfy. In the meantime, the interviewees attempt to impress upon the casual viewer the risks taken by, or general craziness of, those involved; I was reminded of those dunderheaded loudmouths in the first "Harold and Kumar" movie who took to canoeing over the shelves of a service station repeatedly shouting the word "EXTREME!".

Tim M (gb) wrote: She just had to go under that clothesline! Raw meat break! The greatest ending credits of all time. A good Thai Exorcist that is humorous in different ways. Camp fun.

Jason B (au) wrote: pants probably the acting. just seemed pointless.

Devlin R (fr) wrote: Vivacious cinematography and convincing storytelling that reflects its characters, their stories, as well as (and perhaps most compellingly) its local Chinese environment drives this film beyond what we expect from the drama/ romance genre and into the quasi-canon of "5th Generation" Chinese cinema.

Anthony B (ca) wrote: Phew! When its done it feels like you have watched an entire trashy soap opera series in 90 minutes! Young Antonio Banderas is quite the man. Very entertaining and sexy.With an utterly hilarious ending!

Michael C (fr) wrote: A great outing from Jeff Bridges elevates an otherwise sleazy, covoluted thriller. Taking in drug dealers, pimps, high-class hookers, and alcohol addiction, offbeat director Hal Ashby makes a real mess of the Lawrence Block novel, which was just one of a succesful, partly autobiographical series. A camp villianous turn from Andy Garcia is also watchable, but the film itself is devoid of thrills, and a horrendously misjudged scene that depicts a trade in a warehouse sums the entire film up by condensing the silliness into one laughable scene.

Leon B (au) wrote: This was the second movie I have seen from the franchise and I thought it was a very enjoyable, funny action movie with a good dialogue of funny scenes ready to happen. It's like as if you are expecting a funny scene to happen anytime you watch it. A great movie! And great acting from Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy!

Paul D (nl) wrote: A latter day Francis Ford Coppola, and not a patch on his earlier classics. This is poorly written by him and the fairly incoherent story offers very little stimulus for a horror-mystery.