According to police records, a daredevil, Gokul Pandit is on the loose. He would attempts to rape and kill young and beautiful girls who are alone.

Sonia and Naina Sehgal (both played by Kajol) are twins. The two are completely different from each other, Sonia being the outgoing twin and Naina being the shy twin. At the same time the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dushman torrent reviews

Peter M (br) wrote: A visually intriguing IMAX film

Darus S (jp) wrote: beautiful landscape and also beautiful story

neil c (de) wrote: Cold and Dark the story of a man who dies and then mysteriouslly rises (like jesus you might say? wrong). He has this weird thing that comes out of his hand and rips bad guys to shreds. Cool hey? well not so cool for this guy as it starts to take over him and its up to his partner dective dark to bring him down. Its dark and feels close to my heart as its film near where i live, even some scenes shot on beaches and pubs i frequent. The best in this movie is Matt Lucas who is at his camp best but however he and Goss are the only people in this film who give a damn. THe director starts off sharp and ambitious then he just gets kinda bored. its dark, its gory, it doesnt make complete sense but it is fairly entertaining and i wouldnt warn anyone off this film, neither would i recomend it.

elise h (fr) wrote: i saw this, and it was really stupid

Lilian W (br) wrote: Beautiful cinematography and Art Direction, and in the fashion of a true photographer, Kiarostami just knows how to capture an old theme from a new angle!!

Diverse T (gb) wrote: Pivotal film to knowing what real true Hip Hop is about before it broke into the mainstream and was used to misguide today's youth from being smart independent thinkers.

Braden A (de) wrote: [b]Spooky Encounters[/b] The fun level is in the roof in Sammo Hung's [b]Spooky Encounters[/b] (also called [b]Encounters of the Spooky Kind[/b]). There is some fantastic fight choreography and genuinely funny moments - the "haunted house" prank his friends pull on him at the beginning is hilarious. There is still a bit of humor that flew over my head, but not nearly as much as [b]Mr. Vampire[/b]. One of my main issues with it was the witchcraft scenes, and final witchcraft battle. I found it really killed the pacing, and its intended humor just didn't work on me. However, as I said, this movie is sheer fun. It is obvious that Hung absolutely [i]loves[/i] making movies, and he's definitely good at it. It's also great to see him poke fun at his own hefty physique, while still being able to execute some gravity-defying martial arts. 6.5

Peter P (au) wrote: Tried watching this, but the narration and acting bugged me right away, so I didn't get that far before I turned it off.

Kyriakos G (ru) wrote: this was a very good movie, dont wast your time and see the 2nd one, its so shit, could not make it to the end,

Daryl K (nl) wrote: Spike Lee's follow-up to Do the Right Thing is one of my favorite of his films. Has a lot to say about uncompromising artistic integrity and how real life will almost always throw a wrench into that eventually. Great cast, great music.

Hunter B (jp) wrote: One of Pixar's best animations, Monsters Inc. is cute all the way through and manages play with your emotions, as you expect from any Pixar film.

Scott H (it) wrote: Seven years down the road, the film is fresh, relevant, and timeless. Raised on Roger Altman films, I am not wed to direct story lines nor an apparent mishmash of related scenes thread together to tell a story. Perhaps something more definitive could have been done with the material, but this is they way the story gets told and I think it does its job. The characters ARE fleshed out (the missing scenes would have added some depth, here and there), we DO become attached to them, and they ARE funny. The music is amazingly good, as well.

Al P (ru) wrote: Yeah!!!!!! Part 1 . Yeah!!!!!!!!!

RajanSatish P (es) wrote: A stupid mixture of sentiment and so called horror that fails miserably in all way. Never watch ...