Dutta Vs. Dutta

Dutta Vs. Dutta


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Dutta Vs. Dutta torrent reviews

Mariana L (ca) wrote: Though most of the dialogue was fairly lazy, I still found myself adequately amused.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Very disappointing film, I'm usually quite easy to please with these films but even I struggled at times, It was very cheaply made and never really excites, It tries too much to be like 300 in the battle scenes but fails, Having said that they were not that bad, Acting wasn't great, The effects were poor I can't comment on the 3D as I watched the 2D version but I can't imagine it would of made the film any better, A very forgetful film it would of made an ok two part TV programme nothing more.

Nery C (ru) wrote: Entertaining and heart softening...great story and pretty inspiring.

Dwayne R (us) wrote: Awful acting, staging, audio, videography, story. The worst movie I've seen in a long, long while.

Adrian F (it) wrote: summer catch is a predictable romantic comedy that isn't really that funny. jessica biel was nice to look at and thats about it. the story line is one we have all seen before and this film doesn't bring anything special when it comes to that genre. there are some good baseball moments in it but not nearly enough to save this film from disaster.

Dan B (ru) wrote: Ponderous semi-giallo that takes forever to get to a ??twist?? that has already been revealed on the cover of the DVD (and that you can see coming a mile off anyway). Unless you??re really into late 70s interior design, this is probably for hardcore Italian horror fans only. (And even they wouldn??t be missing much if they skipped it.)

Fbio H (ag) wrote: The greatest Filme made ever!

Renee R (ru) wrote: Truly a bad story line

Jason T (kr) wrote: Easily one of the worst movies of the year. The movie is laugh free with no humor to be found in some really terrible performances. The plot is slapped together trying to be a pardy of other kind of films and nothing in it works. Don't bother with this one.