Dva sata kvalitetnog programa

Dva sata kvalitetnog programa

Made for New Year's Eve program, "Two Hours of Quality Program" exceeded all expectations becoming more than just a small TV movie. Using black humor as its sharp weapon, it dealt with ...

Made for New Year's Eve program, "Two Hours of Quality Program" exceeded all expectations becoming more than just a small TV movie. Using black humor as its sharp weapon, it dealt with ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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holly r (fr) wrote: One of my favorite Disney films! I love the characters, story, and the music. It brings out my inner child.

Justin J (fr) wrote: Not really sure what the critic consensus means by "haunting." The film is what it is, a series of people riding a cable car for a little under ten minutes each. People's experiences will vary. To say it's boring or not boring would be false. To say it's important or unimportant would be false. The experience is entirely subjective.Objectively, there is only a little we can say for the film. It doesn't cut from the top to the bottom of the car ride, so we are forced to endure the ride as the subjects do. We can say that the film aims at some sort of truth by refusing to cut, even when one car is just full of goats (which to me felt like it was toying with the audience, like "you think this is interesting? well what do you think about staring at these goats' assholes for ten minutes?"). The setup of the project provides at once a portrait of the individuals that enter the car and a pleasant scrolling landscape whose beauty the subjects often comment upon. That it is a portrait of Nepal society, I don't know... not really sure how people came to that. But the filmmakers did edit it in such a way that the riders and sequence of riders are not random. I identified a juxtaposition between three old ladies in the car referencing briefly the hardships of their childhood and three young rockstar guys taking pictures with their digital cameras. As for my personal viewing experience, I found it to be boring and ridiculous at times, like when the goats came on and it seemed the film was mocking us. But I wasn't completely bored and was at times intrigued. I liked that I had time to contemplate the images but after a while it lost its appeal and was kind of like an endurance test for myself. But it was enjoyable to see who would get in the cart next and at one point I was so transfixed that when the car went over a series of wheels I expected to feel it jiggle me. Would the film have been better if the riders did more? If the filmmakers hadn't included those single riders that barely did anything? I don't know. There certainly isn't a lot of information in the film which creates a desire to search for some which I assume makes people like it because they are looking where they normally wouldn't.I can't say your experience will be good or bad. If you think the trailer looks stupid don't watch it, there is nothing for you. Is there really that much to gawk at here? It all depends on how you see it. But I honestly some people are going overboard in calling this a masterpiece or a portrait of society.

Andre G (it) wrote: It was a great comedy x)

Bobby L (ru) wrote: Made for Sci-Fi channel, this stars Bruce Campbell, and comes from Sean S. Cummingham, the man behind the original Friday The 13th. With what amounts to little more than a remake of The Thing, in an airport terminal, it's surprisingly effective.As convicted murderer, Jack, being transferred, Campbell gives a spirited performance, one devoid of lots of his usual schtick, which makes it even more impressive. With some good lines such as "You don't have to worry about who I killed before, just whom I'll kill next," he really owns it, and brings the movie some much needed, and surprising, gravitas. He doesn't do any slapstick, or make the tone any different than what it should be- dire, paranoid, and suspicious.A few other stand outs include Chase Masterson, as the charter pilot, and female lead. She holds up well against the murderer, and proves to be quite tough. C. David Johnson as a businessman who spirals out of control is very well too. Rest of the cast is decent, with no one sticking out as particularly bad.Cummingham navigates efficiently, and makes the most of a small budget. While he isn't the most impressive, he does hold the tension together nicely, and uses the small set in a few creative ways, like when they decide to go through the luggage scanner to prove they are human. The way he shoots it, just with a hard angle dividing those who have gone, and those you haven't, with the biggest objectors scattered across the upper half of the divide. It works well, and when the big reveal happens, he handles it well.

Tim M (it) wrote: Nice gangster movie to watch when there's not much on the TV.

John M (us) wrote: Classic 80's movie!!

Wilman A (br) wrote: Casting work done a good work here. Brit Marling still stunning for this type of movie I very love the idea and indeed its has amazed my mind till now, despite it is fiction, it can be happen. That one thing i love after watched all movie.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: I really enjoyed this. Great visuals, great adaptation.

Adriana P (mx) wrote: Okay, though didn't keep me fully drawn in despite the strong cast.