Dying at Grace

Dying at Grace

This film is about the experience of dying. Five terminal patients in a Palliative Care Unit share the last days of their lives and deaths with a film crew.

This film is about the experience of dying. Five terminal patients in a Palliative Care Unit share the last days of their lives and deaths with a film crew... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dying at Grace torrent reviews

Galen T (fr) wrote: Despite some awkward acting, was enjoyable and worth seeing. Thanks

Sachiko N (jp) wrote: Kind of crazy love story, I like it:)) Sometimes makes me small laugh, it has humor. It's color film, but Image is dark and looks heavy. Like a reality...

Rob D (fr) wrote: If you like Morgan Spurlock's other stuff (Super-Size Me, 30 Days, etc...) then you'll get a kick out of this. Basically it's just a tour of some of the countries that are the major players in the world of Middle Eastern terrorism (Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, etc...) and interviews with the people who live there. Some nice insights into how the average residents of these countries feel about America, the Taliban, etc...

Ps S (jp) wrote: Timely and engaging - If you like documentaries, this is a must see.

Kathleen W (ru) wrote: I thought I was getting over mumblecore and especially over Duplass but there were a couple of moments in this cheap-ass film that were like damn, that's real. And I kept thinking about it for two whole days. I've got to admit it I liked it a lot.

007 W (es) wrote: Bolt is pretty good, 7/10

robert p (kr) wrote: Horrible, my biggest fricken complaint is the lack of Springsteen as angela she made angela a memerable killer this lady who plays her now sucks. Not only was the acting of angela terrible but for every character it was. The counsin of angela Ricky is back and he looked like a complete fruitcake. Not only was the acting in this movie bad but the effects as well, the original three sleep away camps were low budget anyone could tell but it worked so well, this movie looks completly fake and is just horrible. I hated this movie i was so happy to see another movie be relased but the second i bought the movie i watched it and then sold it. Crap! There were funny parts in this movie which makes it get a 20% but that is the only good part to this movie.

John B (it) wrote: Funny movie despite poor ratings as I enjoyed this one

Robert A (ag) wrote: A darkly hilarious film split into two parts. Both parts I thoroughly enjoyed. Loved seeing Conan O'Brien pop up in this, hahah. The second half was especially very interesting because it was about someone making a documentary film.

Lini H (ag) wrote: nah...shoulda left this one alone...first part was great...this just sucked!!

Ryan V (us) wrote: While its predictable, it's also got solid chemistry between Costner and Russo.

Mark D (ru) wrote: At least it's better than Vision Quest.

Chrissie T (us) wrote: I'm probably the only person who will admit seeing the second Ilsa. It's definitely not as good as the first.

Jeremy T (ca) wrote: Don't get me wrong, this is one of the worst films I've ever seen. But I LOVE it so much, that I have to give it four stars. I actually got halfway through adapting this as a musical - no joke. So there's something there. Look out for Joan's flask.

Rodrigo G (nl) wrote: macario is a great movie, that talks about the way people in mexican celebrate the great tradition of dy of the dead... or dia de los muertos. its a good movie of macario giving his soul to the devil and then he dies

AJ (jp) wrote: This movie played heavily on the paranoia that surrounded the German immigrants during World War II. It is the quintessential propaganda piece from that war-stricken era, churned out from Hollywood near daily like grandmother's fresh butter. However, the film is actually quite good, and Robinson is his typical excellent acting self. Nonetheless, the events are inconsistent with the real facts, and most of the German bundists were tipped off and able to escape the country and subsequent prosecution before the FBI could capture them. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in this new century. It's a different time and a different 'radical' group, but the seething animosity and ignorance of fact still pervades our less than attentive society.

Eddie D (jp) wrote: sleazy, grimy, gory...FUN

Rick B (nl) wrote: The best movie Elvis did. He could act given the right script