Dynamite Girl

Dynamite Girl

A smart set girl wants more excitement in her life and ends being mixed up in criminal activities.

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Dynamite Girl torrent reviews

Barbara M (us) wrote: This movie will open eyes and stir the critical thinker in all of us. Must see!

Bob B (nl) wrote: Much better than a bag of dicks.

Josh M (ru) wrote: Waste of time. The female Bourne movie except nowhere near as good. If she's a hardcore killer, why does she breathe so heavy when she's hiding?

J M (br) wrote: very good picture I was surprised!!!!

Knut F (fr) wrote: Den var god. Viste litt om hvordan man kunne lage helvete for folk i guds navn. Men trodde ett opprr var svre greier, ikke en liten mob. Action med folk i samedrakt var utrolig komisk til tider, selv om det penbart var dnn alvorlig.

Wil R (ag) wrote: A twist on the classic where the Doctor becomes a woman and they battle each other even though they are the same person. It reminded me of some marriages.

Stacey A (mx) wrote: Love this movie, one of the best dance movies ever.

Sylvester K (br) wrote: I am usually a fan of underground, experimental films but Pink Narcissus did not win me over. It has got a lot of colour set designs but it is shallow as hell, almost bored me to death.

d r (ru) wrote: This is the dumbest thing ever,l worst beach movie

John W (mx) wrote: More of the classic 80's beach flicks. Oversexed teens with great bodies who will take it off under the flimsiest of pretenses fueled by surf, sun, and booze. Undersexed, left behind 'adults' seeking to recapture (or capture) their lost youth. All of this held together by an absurd premise and ridiculous coincidence that just has to be an afterthought to how many naked chicks can we pile in a single scene. I miss the 80's.