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Dynasti torrent reviews

Lindsey H (gb) wrote: Wow! This is first rate cinema right chere! I'm talking best comedy I have seen in years. If you're looking for a great laugh, look no further. I would suggest watching with a group of friends though.

Ola G (ru) wrote: Emilie Dandrieux (Audrey Tatou) owns a hairdressing salon, who receives a handwritten anonymous love letter one day. The person behind the letter is the shy handyman Jean (Sami Bouajila) who does all sorts of work at the salon. She dismisses the passionate letter at first, but when she realises that her mother Maddy (Nathalie Baye) is still distraught over the betrayal of her father, she decide to resend the letter to her mother to cheer her up. What follows is a series of misunderstandings and an awkward love triangle involving a man caught between two women who are mother and daughter...I have adored (still do) Audrey Tatou since "Amelie" and its hard to not get caught in her web of charm with her raven dark bob, doe-eyes and delicate appearance. However, when she is served a very unsympathetic character she kind of lose that charm no matter what, as in the case with Emilie Dandrieux. "De Vrais Mensonges" is very predictable, slightly unbalanced, stereotypical, simple in the structure and not that funny really. Its only in the end the movie comes alive with some convincing emotions, but then its too late. Thus "De Vrais Mensonges" is not a must for Tatou fans.

Khalfani J (kr) wrote: Actually really great, songs are fitting and character's interesting. The overall movie is really worth a buy, and multiple viewings.

onnie h (ag) wrote: This film looks interesting to watch and having an action pack type of setting seems good to watch

Joby D (es) wrote: I generally don't like Kevin Costner (he's the weakest link in this film, actually), but this movie is very suspenseful. Oh by the way, Costner's Baawwston accent is atrocious!

Ted W (es) wrote: Believe it or not, I hadn't seen this movie until last week. By far the best live action Robin Hood since Errol Flynn's definitive version. I like the idea of finding out how does a folk hero age. Audrey Hepburn is spot-on as the type of woman who could fall for this guy and keep up with him. Sean is in "I'll make an effort for this movie" mode (you can really tell when he's in a flick for the money). Robert Shaw is incredibly outstanding! Shaw and Connery's fight scene made me want to watch FRom Russia With Love again.

Nelson P (es) wrote: It shows a side of boxing we've never seen in "Rocky" or "Cinderella Man" and was briefly touched on in "Raging Bull". Jeff Brides gave a really great performance, it holds nothing on "Last Picture Show" but it suited the character very well. It's definitely a movie I'd call depressing, the only two jobs in this town seemed to be boxer or onion picker. It puts sports into perspective and shows the polar opposite of a "rise to success" story

Isadore H (es) wrote: Run All Night doesn't do anything spectacular, but it has another great Liam Neeson performance, and offers good action for the viewer. I would've liked to see the father-son relationship between Neeson and Robocop become a little more fleshed out, but the action and acting were good enough distractions for the hour and a half run time. The plot and special effects are done pretty well, and the movie goes kind of how you might expect it to. I always love seeing Ed Harris in a movie, espically one where he is a villian, I think he excels at those roles (see Snowpiercer) In the end, Run All Night barely offers more than mindless fun, but I wasn't expecting anything great out of it anyway.

Tim M (es) wrote: INCREDIBLE 1988 suspense film from the Netherlands. Just after finishing it, I couldn't help but think how such a simple story could have been so easily screwed up. It avoids all thriller cliches and remains unpredictable until the very end, which I guarantee will shake you up. Powerful stuff. HIGHLY recommend this one.