Dystopia: 2013

Dystopia: 2013

A film about the mythical and mysterious cataclysm which befalls mankind on December 21st, 2012 and what happens next. Centered around 4 characters, each with a back story of what their life was like before it all came crashing down, the film depicts life for these characters as they struggle for survival and strive to discover the cause of the end of civilization as we presently know it.

A film about the mythical and mysterious cataclysm which befalls mankind on December 21st, 2012 and what happens next. Centered around 4 characters, each with a back story of what their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Al M (nl) wrote: Some decent gore and a solidly creeper slasher character do little to alleviate the overall tedium of this film.

Brandon W (kr) wrote: I was actually looking forward to Mockingbird just because it was directed by the same guy that directed The Strangers. However, the result of it is very mediocre. It was a bit dull and wasn't that scary. The scares are lacking, and whenever there is a scare, it was actually effective. There was lots of suspense however, it just forgot the scares. The acting is decent, but their stories weren't that interesting except for the clown's story, but just a little. I was glad that the found footage of it was useful, and also made sense why there were cuts of the footage. What made it worse than it was before, was the terrible ending. The ending made no sense and was stupid. The twist of it did got me, but it made no sense and just made me ask questions that will never be answered. Mockingbird is not nearly as scary as The Strangers and is a disappointing movie.

nur s (ag) wrote: crita ni klakar sebab bnyk pasal budak2.hero saif n heroin rani.dlm crita ni rani pegang watak bidadari

Stuart L (br) wrote: It's official: God does not exist.

Brendan F (mx) wrote: Although a bit silly and childish, this sequel has it's moments of humor and pretty OK action sequences. Definitely a fan of the first one a lot more.

Robert I (de) wrote: I just saw two minutes of this and I threw up in my mouth a little. Sam Jackson, get back to making movies like SNAKES ON A PLANE!

HungYa L (kr) wrote: A fun action movie to be honest!

Simon D (jp) wrote: I suppose this is as solid as most other Muppet movies, it was actually the slightly annoying human cast that let it down.

Scot B (au) wrote: it was good not what I thought it was

Mike M (ru) wrote: May be Techine's most complete film, dramatising the impact French activity in Algeria had on an entire generation coming of age at the turn of the 1960s... [it] succeeds by paying close, detailed attention to fleeting moments in the lives of its young leads - among other things, it's a memento of a time you could walk home from a Bergman movie in the late afternoon sunlight and drop in at a party where everyone's doing the Twist. (Its unofficial theme is, in fact, Del Shannon's "Runaway", and the film is nothing if not thorough, visually and aurally, in its pursuit of faces, places and temps perdus.) If the cinematography serves as a working model of the term "sunkissed", it's not solely for superficial reasons (though, yes, there's a fair bit of tops-off action), but for the way it lends definition to growing narrative shadows; the action's a mix of gorgeous lakeside days and sneaking in and out of dorms at night, and the vividness of the film stems from that contrast between the two - and from the alert, attuned young performers, who act with touching provincial naivety, while handling in a staggeringly mature fashion the reams of dialogue Techine presses upon them.

Vaju X (it) wrote: I had viewed this movie after its release in 1991. Although I enjoyed it at the time, I had forgotten about it until I recently watched a more recent Graham Greene role. The movie contains violence, torture and brutality which would seem to make it a natural for American viewing audiences. However, it also deals with native North American traditions and the inevitable conflict that will result from a collision of North American property laws and Native American culture. Think, On Sacred Ground without Segal and Caine. However, unlike On Sacred Ground, the Protagonist (played by Ron Lea) is Peter Maguire, an activist attorney and not a martial arts / demolition expert and clearly not ready for the path his life is about to take. Maguire loses his battle against the owner of a local saw mill clearing the forest which has been home to the local native North American village. When he meets with the local elder of the village to strategize the next step, the elder invites Maguire to a sweat purification ritual. The ritual results in Maguire's realization of his personal frustration, anger, and outrage. He meets Arthur (portrayed by Graham Greene) a native North American and an outlet for this anger. Arthur is 500 years of native North American outrage personified. While Arthur becomes the embodiment of Maguire's outrage, Maguire becomes Arthur's captive on a kidnapping and torture rampage of the local saw mill operator. The movie incorporates a large dose of symbolism. As an example, Maguire's brief case is taken by a child of the native North American village who fills it with her collection of things from nature. But I could not help but think that this movie could have been an instant classic and propelled all involved to a different level if the film actually took the direction it only insinuates, the duality of the Ed Norton / Brad Pitt characters form Fight Club. Clearcut walks that edge, but never crosses it. If it had, this movie could have been much more than it was, plot fodder for a Steven Segal interpretation. I recommend the movie for several reasons. Graham Greene does justice to that favorite of American movie going audiences, the psychopath (think Chigurh from No Country). The scenery and filming are breathtaking. You feel like you are actually canoeing through the great north waterways. Finally, the movie does offer the viewer an insight into the collision between the cultures of the natives and the frontiersmen.

Josh H (ru) wrote: Roddy Piper, nuclear holocaust... shit yes!

Shannon N (it) wrote: When it wasn't slow, it was sad. Not what I expected a Jackie Gleason film to be.

Ketutar J (us) wrote: I was about 10 when I saw it, and it was thrilling and a good movie for a curious witchy girl like me.

Jonathan M (ca) wrote: "Skyjacked" is terrible, but the way it has aged, with its cold war shots of jet liners and Charton Heston doing his weird denture-y thing, it all comes together as this piece of schlock with an at times great soundtrack (basically, the theme). Weirdly Rambo did better with PTSD, but this is a solid 70s artefact as much as Rambo is one of the 80s.

Jason Z (br) wrote: This is one of my favorite westerns, right up there with the Outlaw Josey Wales and The Good, Bad, and The ugly. Henry Fonda playing a bad guy was a treat and Charles Bronson was great as well.

Ruth L (fr) wrote: Not bad for an Elvis movie.

Spencer P (it) wrote: Well-made everywhere with a radiating message, remarkable young talent, and one fantastic dolphin!

Grant S (mx) wrote: Ellie Andrews is the daughter of a Wall Street mogul. Her father is highly protective of her and isn't pleased when she elopes, marrying a man she hardly knows. Ellie runs away from her father sets off across country to get to her husband in New York. On the bus she meets a recently-fired reporter, Peter Warne. The two don't get along but, figuring out who she is, and knowing that her father will have every route into New York covered with private detectives, he offers to help her get to a husband. In exchange he wants an exclusive on her story. The two tag along together, getting through some interesting adventures. Over time they even get to like each other...A gem of a film from legendary director Frank Capra. I was expecting a rather standard romantic drama but It Happened One Night is so much better than that. Warm, and hilariously funny at times, it's certainly not your average romantic comedy. Dialogue is incredibly fresh and snappy and even the romantic side is not straightforward, keeping the schmaltz to a minimum and taking some unpredictable twists and turns.The great direction by Capra and the solid script are aided by wonderful performances from Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert in the lead roles. The chemistry between them is great and their delivery is spot-on.Both Gable and Colbert received Oscars for their performances, as did Capra for Best Director. The movie was the well-deserved 1935 Best Picture Oscar winner.Though not Frank Capra's first movie, not by any means, this was the movie that put him on the map and kick-started a run of creativity that would see him make such classics as Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, You Can't Take It With You, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Meet John Doe, Arsenic and Old Lace and, of course, It's a Wonderful Life.