Dzhentlmeny, udachi!

Dzhentlmeny, udachi!

The remake of famous Russian comedy "Dzhentlmeny udachi" (1971).

The remake of famous Russian comedy "Dzhentlmeny udachi" (1971). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Leo D (es) wrote: Intense, short and effective , A Hijacking avoids clichs and has a real sense of drama .

John T (us) wrote: Big River Man is a movie i have been trying to get hold of for quite a while. I loved the idea of an overweight , beer drinking extrovert who had decided to swim the Amazon so i was sure it was going to be a very entertaining documentary - Sadly it turned out to be completely rubbish and and clear as swamp water. In February 2007 Martin Strel began an insane attempt to be the first person to swim the entire length of the world's most dangerous river, the mighty Amazon. Martin is an endurance swimmer from Slovenia, who swims rivers - the Mississippi, the Danube and the Yangtze to date - to highlight their pollution to the world. Martin is also a rather overweight, horseburger loving Slovenian in his fifties who drinks two bottles of red wine a day... even when swimming. I should know better than to believe comments on DVD cases. In the case of Big River Man it says on the DVD " More Compelling than any blockbuster" , "Thrilling" & "Great Viewing" all of these comments couldn't be further from the truth. Firstly this is film is not about a dangerous swim down the Amazon. I'm not even sure if Martin Steel actually did do the swim because this documentary is a totally lame attempt at a comedy that turns into a farcical mess . Strel's son who narrates , comes across as an amateur publicist who's only goal is to promote a film that masquerades as a documentary about saving the rain forest and ends up being a ridiculous story about his father going mad . It's obviously staged . It's badly acted and because of that i don't think Martin Strel ever did that swim. I only wish the pathetic Martin Strel had have been eaten by a crocodile along with his son , at least that way the film would have been worth watching. Big River Man left me confused , annoyed and cheated and i urge anyone who thought about seeing this to not bother. 2 out of 10

Ed M (it) wrote: Tawny Kitaen in love with the bubble boy!

Sam M (de) wrote: It's just pretty damn good, very much original.Rewatching it, Mariel Hemingway was very real and beautiful with her character and almost makes the film what it is.

Jason C (jp) wrote: A great technical achievement and a unique take on a soldiers life. It's focus on the mundane reminds one that the "excitement" of war is but a flash compared to the endless time allowed for contemplation, fear, confusion, and the myriad other emotions that a soldier must face in between facing bullets.

Paul D (ca) wrote: For a comedy it's really not funny and it is pretty slow as well, but the movie looks great and is a nice homage to Hammer horror films. How much that homage was needed when there are so many of them that are paced nicer than this is debatable, but it's still an interesting movie with some very striking shots and an awesome opening credits sequence.

Paul C (gb) wrote: What starts off as a run-of-the-mill wartime propaganda movie quickly develops into something much more. 30+ years prior to the similarly themed 'The Eagle Has Landed' this is quite brutal and violent considering when it was made - and stands up as one of the best war films ever made.

Kristen B (it) wrote: This first time I saw this movie I liked it so much when it was over I watched it again.

Charles P (fr) wrote: Director David O. Russell makes a sympathetic, entertaining movie about the horrors of war, while seamlessly adding heart, satire, and action like a pro.