Sergei and Marina's crisis has come in family life. During one of the fights, they decide to go to an exotic journey. All the way between the spouses do not cease strife, which in the end ...

A comedy about funny adventures of the married couple on the remote island. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Dzhungli torrent reviews

Brandon J (fr) wrote: I can't understand the other reviews.. I ended up buying this one on Bluray after renting it. This movie shares something that birdwatchers are passionate about - and it takes you around the beautiful US. It's a very optimistic movie where 'enemies' can still be human to each other. It's one of my top 5 favorite movies.

Ellie L (kr) wrote: hard to believe that this was an actual person

Rodney S (gb) wrote: A most important and effective documentary that shows exactly what impact our stupid and greedy human race is having on our planet. Do your conscience a favour before you eat shark fin soup again and watch this film.

Chea (it) wrote: i dunno if david suited this role i think im too use to him as Ross on FRIENDS

Geneva J (de) wrote: i love this movie and i want one of my best bodies to see it i find this movie so fucking funny

Chris B (es) wrote: Early Polanski, that is a wonderful black and white psychological thriller with wonderful camera work. Tension builds very subtitle throughout, finally exploding near the climax. Great acting and wonderful cinematography really elevate this film and make Knife in the Water a must see in Polanski's work. This is a great example of how less is more and how even three people on a tiny boat can create such thick and heavy suspense and create a complex and moody atmosphere!

Grant S (ag) wrote: Interesting prison drama.Joe Collins (played by Burt Lancaster) is a prisoner in Westgate Penitentiary. The senior officer at the prison is Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn), a power-mad, manipulative sadist. Collins is rebellious and constantly in trouble with the prison guards. He formulates a plan to escape but a confrontation with Captain Munsey is inevitable...An interesting look at prison life, and how people act when they have absolute power. The central plot was well thought out and made for a good story. However, the stories of how all the main prisoner-characters got there sometimes seemed unnecessary and felt like padding.Solid work by Burt Lancaster and Hume Cronyn in the lead roles. Good supporting performances too.

Katie R (br) wrote: Slow moving. Sylvia Sidney is great, but Henry Fonda is, surprisingly, unimpressive. And it breaks my heart to say that. He was just miscast.

Joshua C (fr) wrote: Great movie. Good acting. Pulled me in despite not really caring about the subject matter of "divers."

Carlos M (us) wrote: Dormael's ambition, though appealing, moves dangerously towards pretentiousness as he attempts to concoct this intricate, convoluted plot - which bears many unnecessary elements that end up bloating it into a flawed, overlong structure without clear focus.

Dave S (ca) wrote: This film was really a waste. It looked as though the production value decreased from the 2nd film. The scenes didn't fit together at all. It was very forgettable. I just watched it yesterday and can barely remember what all happened. It seemed like a typical horror sequel, just trying to squeeze out what remaining money is left out of the audience.