They were handed $280 million dollars at age 28. They were on top of the world with a revolutionary idea to change our daily lives. And then it all came crashing down! This is the unbelievable story following the ups and downs of Joseph Park and Yong Kang, the founders of Kozmo.com. It's about the madness of chasing wealth, the lure of excess and the struggle for the American Dream

An in-depth look at the highs and lows of a dot com. The movie follows the founders of Kozmo.com as they raise money and file for IPO. But no one has predicted the market crash in April 2000. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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billy l (mx) wrote: one reason i liked this film is it shows what these guys go thru in the war and how they khow that they could die and also shows how hard it can be to leave loved ones behind what it showed to me is being a soldier is a very hard task and you also have to make a commitment to serve for your country

Film C (mx) wrote: Sam Neil, Emily Blunt and Susan Sarandon: A brilliant cast but not such a brilliant movie! i mean yes you were getting twists and surprises right till the end but not great, its a bit dragged out and long winded that it just gets a bit boring, i like the concept of the story its pretty good but not a suspense thrilller that i liked could have been done better! Sam Neil looked Hot!!

Daniel O (ru) wrote: I'm so glad I only had to wait a couple months (until I got together with my friend) to watch this film rather than the 9 years real fans had to wait. It was definitely different, but still managed to capture the real essence of perhaps not love, but true connection and passion. It was so basic, so simple, and even awkward at times. The whole film is just an hour and a half long conversation between two people and feels as though it was shot in one scene. It was very quick paced, but nothing was really happening. Rather than an audience member watching someone tell a story, I felt like a stranger eavesdropping on a conversation two other people are having.The ending did leave a slight sense of unsatisfaction and felt like it was cut a bit short, but is making me think that Jesse is ready to just throw away his life back in America and move to Europe.I'm really glad I won't have to wait another 9 years to see the third film. :)

Aaron A (jp) wrote: Not as good as the first

Preston B (us) wrote: Not only is this movie poorly written And terribly acted And used way to many wide angle lenses It is SCARY AS F#?%!

Hawk (au) wrote: There's nothing really that wrong with the film it just feels very generic and with a plot that came almost as an afterthought. There are some big names attached, but none really create memorable characters.

Yvonne H (ag) wrote: One of our families most favourite movies ever...jury duty is an absolute classic - so funny!!

Sebastian H (it) wrote: Very stylish and atmospheric 60s yakuza flick with great production design and music. Unfortunately I couldn't comprehend what was going on, because when I watched it I was too tired to study the subtitles, and I got confused with all the characters.

Joseph B (ru) wrote: Wasn't quite sure what the hell was going on through most of the movie. But really didn't care either. And why is it called "Blue Steel"?

Simon D (ag) wrote: Will Ferrell is on top form in this film, which had escaped my notice until now; I'd say this is a very underrated comedy. Very funny if a little close to the edge of acceptability sometimes.

Joel M (ag) wrote: **** Good I am warning you this might be a pun grind by reading my review of Writer-Directors Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck's independent movie "Mississippi Grind". But I promise you it will be fine, well maybe not. The vastly underrated (just my opinion) Ben Mendelsohn stars as out-of-luck gambler Gerry. He resides in Iowa, but really is living in the state of "I owe all of you" due to his gargantuan gambling debt. In one of his poker dealings, Gerry meets Curtis; he is the suave gambler full of stories that takes a friendly liking to Gerry. Curtis is played by Ryan Reynolds. Gerry and Curtis team up and take it on the road to deal with the cards that have been handed. OK, maybe not. But they do take it on the road, to try to make some gamble winnings in New Orleans, St. Louis, and yea Mississippi. Boden & Fleck's narrative is not overwhelmingly superb, and they are not really "jack of all cinema trades" filmmakers. But they do develop an adequate road trip movie that is built upon the winning chemistry between Mendelsohn and Reynolds. Both were excellent with their performances but I would double down more a bit with Mendelsohn's rousing performance. It's in his bloodline I mean lifeline for Mendelsohn to get an Oscar in the future. The rest of the cast needed a bigger wheel to spin with, especially Sienna Miller's useless character Simone who plays an intermittent love interest of Curtis. But it was not a big loss to deal with. It's your call, but I think you should take the gamble and visit on the "Mississippi Grind".