É Fogo na Roupa

É Fogo na Roupa

A precious necklace is stolen during a convention at Quitandinha Palace, a hotel in which a wives conference is deciding whether or not unfaithful husbands should receive the death penalty.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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É Fogo na Roupa torrent reviews

David l (ag) wrote: 15 minutes into the movie, and credits are still being flashed on the screen. The only saving grace is that the creature make up isn't too bad for a low budget horror flick.

Patrick R (nl) wrote: Funnyish, but the script needed to be reworked a few more times. I do like how they rip off so many movies, that makes it kind of fun. "I don't need the moon, I need some fucking Lightning"

Joe H (ru) wrote: .............and so it continues. Sallah, what are you doing..........

Wyland C (es) wrote: Not my favorite of the cartoon Scooby Doo movies, but I enjoyed it. I love seeing Scooby movies being made.

Gwen H (fr) wrote: Your typical campy Jackie Chan movie, but minus the stunts we've grown to love. The fight scenes were well choreographed as usual.

Andrey B (ca) wrote: The movie is entertaining of course and it's a great pleasure to watch such wonderful actors as Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro perform at the top level. But the movie is too indulgent in its depiction of whatever it tries to depict, and the roles they acted are too easy to act for such great actors as mentioned above.

Thomas V (fr) wrote: Loved this movie. Steve Martin as his always hilarious self. Another great classic.

andy g (au) wrote: the fact that he talked to the camera and what was happening around him and he still was thinking about girls just funny

Jill R (kr) wrote: A very clever funny movie that has good gags with good performances I really enjoyed this film Grade A-

Rob A (ca) wrote: I have seen parts of this movie for years, and I finally got to see the whole thing. Paul Newman...awesome!! A classic

Benjamin G (de) wrote: That looks well dodgy that guy lol

Steve C (fr) wrote: Although the names have been changed, this is the story of the "thrill kill" murderers Leopold and Loeb in the Roaring '20s of Chicago. They were a couple of rich, privileged, young men who murdered a kid, as the story goes, to try to pull off "the perfect murder". The killers are very well played by two very good actors in this brilliantly cast movie. Bradford Dillman and Dean Stockwell play the two. They have some nice scenes together early in the movie with the crime planning. These scenes also contain a type of emotional depth that is a little surprising. We see a certain domination and submission role playing going on between them with Dillman playing the dominant to Stockwell's submissive. There is a particular scene in which Stockwell's guy is going on a date with a nice girl. Dillman's character basically encourages him to rape her. These two have somehow become infected with a sort of distorted Nietzsche like "superman" philosophy and they know that they are superior to everyone else. The murder is partly to prove that. The scenes are so well done, that even in 1950s Hollywood commercial cinema, there is a strong hint of the question "Just what exactly is the relationship between these two?"So they get caught of course, no spoiler there, we know that will happen. Another damn good actor, E.G. Marshal looking youthful with hair and eyeglasses, is brought in to prosecute. The the great Orson Welles shows up for the defense. Legendary lawyer Clarence Darrow was the man in the real case. Welles plays it very cool at the outset mumbling his few lines to begin with as if saving it up for the big delivery at the end when he gives the final defense speech in court. This is a terrific scene and one of Welles's greatest scenes in any movie. The speech is a lucid and convincing argument against executions beautifully written and performed. I'm surprised that it hasn't shown up on FaceBook as a stand alone YouTube short like Chaplin's final speech in The Great Dictator has. It is a fine scene in an overall excellent movie very nicely presented in high contrast B&W and CinemaScope.

Shauna K (de) wrote: very slow at first but really touching took me awhile to get in the film but towards the end i taught it was great.

Leon B (au) wrote: Review:I really didn't find this movie that funny and the storyline was pretty awful. Its about a man called Ted Morgan (Seann William Scott), who is contemplating suicide because he's unhappy with his life after his wife has leaves him. Before he takes his own life, he decides to go back to his old town to settle old scores, whilst staying with his brother. He goes to his old teachers home to try and find out why she bullied him at school, but she is very poorly and her granddaughter steps in while he was taking out his anger on her. When he explains his predicament to her granddaughter, she finds pity in his situation and she blackmails him to film his crusade to find justice. All of the people that he wants to take revenge on, have changed and there not the same people that they were when he was younger. It makes his revenge a hard task and he ends up feeling pity for the people who were responsible for making his life a living hell. There are some other aspects to the storyline, like his gay nephew and his relationship with his lesbian mum but there really not worth mentioning. The jokes were quite bad and the performances weren't brilliant but the deep undertone kept the movie slightly interesting. The thing that was most disappointing was Seann William Scott because his acting was quite dull and depressing at times. He seemed to have a dumb look on his face throughout the film and the love story was predictable and badly put together. Anyway, I personally didn't enjoy the film that much and I got fed up with the plot after a while. Disappointing!Round-Up:This is the first movie made by Courteney Cox, 51, who tried her utmost to make an upbeat movie, even though it's about a man committing suicide but failing miserably. She just didn't get the warped sense of humour right and the outrageous scenes, like the sleep masturbating, just kept on coming throughout the film. It did make some money at the box office but I just didn't find it that funny. Seann William Scott, 38, hasn't hit the fame that he had while he was starring in the American Pie franchise as Steve Stifler but he has made some funny appearances in Cop Out, which was a terrible movie but I didn't mind his character, Evolution, which I really enjoyed and Mr. Woodcock which also wasn't too bad. He's not really that funny in this movie because of the average script and the fact that he is the character that is down in the dumps and I personally think that it didn't suit his acting style. All of the other performances from the cast were average and sometimes silly which is why this film has to get the thumbs down from me.Budget: N/AWorldwide Gross: $11millionI recommend this movie to people who are into their drama/comedies about a man who wants to settle old scores before committing suicide. 2/10

Darrin C (mx) wrote: I liked this one back when it came out and I guess I still do to a corny extent, but for different reasons I understand better now. It's certainly for David Lynch fans and has a fairly entertaining plot, cheesy acting, and memorable characters.

Kyle M (br) wrote: A good-hearted, funny comedy of the super action star/the Terminator teaching a bunch of little kids on a process of becoming a good teacher while undercover. (B)(Full review coming soon)