E hu cun

E hu cun

The devilish residents of the Village of Tigers, led by Hu Jiao, plan to kill Lo Hong Shun, otherwise known as the heroic Sword of the Southern Sky. Their attempts thus far have failed and ...

The devilish residents of the Village of Tigers, led by Hu Jiao, plan to kill Lo Hong Shun, otherwise known as the heroic Sword of the Southern Sky. Their attempts thus far have failed and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren W (au) wrote: Only fabulous if you love this kind of thing

Paul D (gb) wrote: As someone who identifies as an Agnostic, this movie brought a few interesting and challenging points to the table. However, it is important to know that this was crafted by a writer/director to push a narrative. One that I certainly don't fully agree with, but this was an interesting test of faith...or lack there of.

rick r (es) wrote: "Psychophony: An Experiment In Evil" is a paranormal thriller from Spanish director Xavier Berraondo that follows a theory that aspects of schizophrenia under the label of psychophony (auditory hallucinations) has a very tangible paranormal component for some patients. The film stars Ferran Albiol, Raul Alvarez, Dafnis Balduz, Ferran Carvajal, Leyla Fernandez, Merce Montala, and Miriam Planas Claudia Pons, not that many of us here in America would recognize the actors I just like to give them props. This film was released in 2012 and has some pretty great reviews so it was relaxing to sit down to review this foreign flick myself. The story deals with Dr. Helen Jara, who in the mid 2000's carried out a series of psychological experiments on a group of patients with schizophrenia. Dr. Jara, attempting to prove that these patients' hallucinations were of paranormal origin, creates unsanctioned experiments that result in her death along with Parapsychologist Matias Kram, and his assistant. The authorities discover EVP's and other evidence of paranormal activity. The youngest patient has the most directed paranormal interaction being attacked by the entity. The movie is actually a reenactment of the experiment and events that happened with "real video" and "real EVP" clips patchworked into the story.For me, "Psychophony" is proof the Euro horror can be boobless, a**less, and goreless and still be entertaining. The film offers a mixture of "found footage" elements wrapped in a perfect chilling surreal melodrama. The acting and directing in this film is pretty tight with very few moments of "down time", where dramatic hook is concerned. The character study combined with the almost stoic personalities of the characters creates a nerving atmosphere. There is no emotion until emotion is needed in the approach to this film so when the drama does unfold it becomes heightened and tense. The paranormal aspect to the story is as chilling as it gets plus the whole "is it for real or just media ploy" aspect to the stories foundation (the experiments themselves) adds a discomforting component that kept me on guard. Normally you would expect this to hinder the entertainment value but Berraodo weaves in portions of the "real" stuff so seamlessly and effortlessly that it just adds an extra creep factor to the film's context.The special effects are kind of on the cheaper side (think Syfy channel) but they are done with complete respect to effect to the overall film. There is no gore or nudity so this would easily be a full family sort of scare film. If your family doesn't mind subtitles. All in all "Psychophony" continues a strong line of horror in the Spanish community and over all European horror community in general. The story is captivating, the acting is believable, and the frights are hitting. It ends on a kind of expected clich moment but considering this is all genuine events being retold it all works to bring a pretty cool paranormal story to horror fans.

Nathan B (ca) wrote: Melodramatic pap. I'm shocked by the high user and critic scores. Every choice was confused. The hyper kinetic camera movement with documentary stylings and no lighting like a Dogme 95 film had no relationship to the Days of Our Lives plot twists and overwrought acting and dialogue. I think this got the overinflated "international rating," where critics elevate mediocre foreign films because, let's be honest, how many great movies are coming out of Denmark these days?

cli o (jp) wrote: no thanks not my kinda thing

JP W (fr) wrote: "Woombies": woodsmen zombies.The most I've enjoyed & cracked up at a film in ages. More people ought to check out this bizarre Czech flick.

Claire T (ag) wrote: it was ok but it could have been better than that, it stars Dennis Quaid, I don't think I can watch this film again, I didn't think it was a good movie and I expected better from Dennis Quaid and Sharon Stone

rufio C (ru) wrote: Magnificently awful. Prince genuinely does not give a fuck about the audience, no screen is big enough for Princes ego

Michael S (br) wrote: Aside from the crazy hot air balloon and aeroplane chase at the end, a very realistic and gritty account of crime in america. Crazy voice man is at his dazzling best. Not sure why shazza stone turned up but Mahoney seemed ok with it so i'll let her off. God, I hope they make a sequel . .

Ryan H (fr) wrote: Everything a film noir should be.

Jon S (es) wrote: This is nothing more than Steven Soderbergh having a good time with his digital camera and a bunch of actors. Some people hate how self-indulging it is, but you know what, I think it was quite amusing. I smiled through most of it, laughed more than a few times . . . and just found it very relaxing -- to just listen to random conversations from different groups of people involved in showbiz. I didn't even try to keep track of the tangled mess of relationships among the ensemble, I just went with it and I was fine. With lesser actors, it probably would've been a nightmare, but Soderbergh's got a good cast and that's what makes the movie.I guess you could also say, at the time -- eight years ago, maybe Soderbergh was trying to make a point about the upcoming digital revolution. "Full Frontal" is shot with apparent little care for regular Hollywood aesthetics. The contrast is blown to hell in many scenes, and picture quality varies wildly from sequence to sequence. I didn't care, and maybe that's the point (or was, at the time) - digital may not look as good as film, but it does tell your story. Of course, the other side of that coin is that a lot of people do care about how the movie looks (Roger Ebert seemed to hate it), and in that case, "Full Frontal" becomes an argument against going digital. Sort of a moot point these days, of course, with digital quality having improved so much . . .Whatever the case, I saw it as less of an experiment and more of a party. I could be wrong, but it felt like someone unwinding from a hard day's work. It's the type of exercise I can loathe with a passion, but luckily, Soderbergh kept it interesting and funny.

Paul K (ag) wrote: Amazing. Loved this movie, the chemistry is perfect.

Royce B (es) wrote: It's what you expect to see. Lots of bad guys. A few good guys that have no chance go in and blow up and kill bad guys. INcredible cast.