E io non pago

E io non pago

Two customs officers undercover, Marshal Remo Signorelli and Brigadier Riccardo Riva, try to stop Massimiliano Grilli, a master of evasion. On one occasion, Remo meets his old friend Fulvio who suspected he had an affair with his then girlfriend and now wife.

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Irene S (br) wrote: pretty good movie about a soldier who returned from the war and his fellow soldiers get to go to a dallas cowboy football game where they are honoured but all while he continues to have flash backs from his days at war and how the damage from the war can damage ones own self.

Alan E (jp) wrote: I had the pleasure of watching this movie last night. Although I was aware of it being a critical success, for some reason it had not attracted me( Like The impressive "Shawshank Redemption" the title gave little away, and the publicity shot of Judi Dench, just did little to invite my attention. I wa so GLAD I took the time and trouble last night. The unsentimental moving story was hard to watch without a tear in my eye. The performances of Jude and Coogan( someone who I have not found an interesting performer in the past) wer excellent, the story engaging, and the whole thing well done, the usage of real footage of the son Michael was moving. Well Worth anybody's time and money. Watch it!

Monny M (mx) wrote: Okay for a crime drama.

Jesse O (es) wrote: I quite liked this movie. It's certainly quieter and more relaxing than most films of this ilk, but that doesn't make it any less good. The film doesn't focus on the cultural differences between Marco and the people of the village he's visiting. The thing it does focus on is the fact that Marco, who's named this way because Biel misunderstands his name, cannot understand spanish and yet he still connects with some of the people in the village and becomes close with two of them, who really needed him at that particular point in their lives. I thought that was good and it was well-done, in some cases you can connect with a person even if you don't speak the same language. I also found Marco's reasons for returning to the village to be quite intriguing and, when it's revealed at the end, ultimately bittersweet. I did find that the third act to be a little too dramatic for my tastes, and it did away with the low-key tone the film had mantained until that point. I thought it was still good, but I liked the other 2 acts of the film much more. This is still a good movie however, it's thoughtful and smart with some very sweet moments. It's got a great cast too, so that doesn't hurt either.

teapot w (gb) wrote: in my opinion this is the best benji movie ever made i just luv this adorable dog! and how dare the dad do that to all the poor doggies and especially to his female?! i mean seriously im sooo glad he gets arrested in the end of the movie!

John D (kr) wrote: Looking for a hip foreign film? Look further.

Shymaaalilivecom S (es) wrote: the love story , the real love.

Deadly V (au) wrote: An underrated yet unique Sci-fi take on the vampire lore!

Luca B (mx) wrote: Zoe Kazan non una stupida, tre film con lei che ho visto e tre storie gradevoli e ben congegniate anche se il genere non di quelli che mi appassiona.