E lang gu

E lang gu

In this stirring saga of the "Martial Arts World," Lo Lieh plays a righteous swordsman trying to protect another hero's wife and daughter from a corrupt minister's murderous plans...two ...

Intrigue in the court means that the wife and daughter of framed scholar Sung have to travel to the capital in disguise, as court agents hunt them down. A righteous swordsman and a group of kiln workers get caught up in the action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Premiere N (it) wrote: I love this movie I juz watch it over and over

Lewis E (br) wrote: In light of Comic-Con, I figured something highly nerdy would be a suitable viewing. 'The People vs. George Lucas' details Star Wars fans' love/hate attitude towards George Lucas and the extent to which he should relinquish creative control over a franchise that has been so passionately adopted by the public. The legal and social questions this debate poses is quite thought-provoking and certainly provides the emotional fan rants with substance. Clearly a doc made by nerds about nerds for nerds, subsequently meaning it sometimes lingers on aspects most would consider trivial; however, the heated and funny reactions to the disappointing prequels, re-edited versions and of course Jar Jar Binks should amuse anyone who have experienced the Star Wars saga with similar opinions.

Shelby L (kr) wrote: Very good movie, a must see thriller.

Jota B (kr) wrote: The initial excitement caused by Akerlund's franetic cutting becomes too strong a crutch that, like one's first experience with proper drugs, will never be achieved again. The story is shallow and the characters flat, but the acting holds up, even though there really aren't any real opportunities to enjoy it. If you're high there's a chance you'll enjoy the relentless confusion, otherwise the first 10 minutes should be substitute enough for the rest of the movie.

Molly W (ca) wrote: CHRIS' FIRST SHAG = LOL.

Felipe I (fr) wrote: Meio truncado, meio arrastado e at um pouco brega hoje em dia. Mas Andra Beltro foda demais.

Alex W (kr) wrote: quality thriller. the pace and feel of the film is subliminally unsettling.

Art S (it) wrote: Another of Resnais's peculiar experiments in narrative form, teasing us to separate John Gielgud's creative will (he is a novelist) from his reality. You see, everything that crosses Gielgud's mind, as he comically and profanely suffers terrible gastric problems, appears on screen. These thoughts, enacted by Dirk Bogarde, Ellen Burstyn, David Warner, and Elaine Stritch, involve his closest family members cold-heartedly inflicting terrible lacerations on each other...and on Gielgud himself (to which he often protests -- his mind must be wandering). As in other Resnais films, the viewer must continually struggle to make sense of the proceedings - and I can't quite guarantee that my interpretation is the correct one. To wit: the final act of the film is suddenly an idyll, with all the characters sitting down to a wonderful country luncheon for Gielgud's 78th with friendly frolicking dogs and a glamourous 360 degree camera move to boot. Miklos Rozsa's score here evokes romantic films of years gone by, whereas earlier in the film's first half it was reminiscent of his noir years; in either case, the score is cranked and intrusive, surely another of Resnais's conscious efforts to remind viewers that all is fiction. In the end, you can't quite be sure which half of this story is reality and which is Gielgud's new novel, which is fantasy and which is anxiety fuelled conjuring. Of course, neither may be the truth because the added twist is that Resnais wants us to know that the real "fiction" he is focused upon is our memories of our own lives, even as we submit unto death.

Shira K (de) wrote: Excellent gem of a movie (which does not feel dated) due to its extremely clever script and Spring/Autumn romance storyline. A young hippie 20 year old begins a relationship with a man who thought his best years and happier days were behind him. She teaches him to love life and to hope again. Honest, gentle, and wonderfully directed- this film is great for audiences with mature minds and a positive outlook on life.

Maisam M (ca) wrote: Its awesome, honestly.. really really Romantic...

Neil M (kr) wrote: May be the greatest Tom Cruise film ever!

Harim K (de) wrote: subtle and unassuming, "a sorely overlooked masterpiece" by john huston. kris kristofferson soundtrack to boot.

Brandon W (ru) wrote: I recently re-watched this film with a big group of people. For the jokes, none of the girls laughed and all of the guys did. So, that tells me something... Women know nothing about Comedy. I'm kidding of course. But what it did tell me is that this film is not for everybody. This is a very dumb yet smart comedy. Only Dana Carvey can make me laugh at him react the shower murder scene from 'Psycho' with donuts at an old fashion diner. A love letter to the early 90's. Some may look at this film and think, what a dumb mess, but then why is it so famous? ... Because it is genius! Quotable and funny every time I see it, Wayne's World is... "Excellent!"