É na Terra não é na Lua

É na Terra não é na Lua


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WS W (nl) wrote: Although not in epic scale, its momentum is enough to make it an above average piece.

cameron c (ca) wrote: looks cool wunt mind seein dat

Andrei C (it) wrote: I don't dig this kinda humor

Lee M (ag) wrote: With a winning streak of wry humor and a proudly humanist outlook, "Lucky Miles" throws refugees, people smugglers and border-patrol soldiers into the outback and emerges with entertaining and gently thought-provoking results.

Austin G (gb) wrote: Rock-em Sock-em Robots with an excellent story line.

Matthew J (br) wrote: I had mixed emotions about this film. It kept shifting between a clinical sex-ed experiment and long diatribes asserting vague, sweeping diagnoses of misogyny and its roots. Ultimately, it feels like the intent of a bitter (female) director to use psychoanalysis to analyze the plight of women (a common but reductive and interpretive method), while the film itself mostly just works as a source of sadistic, voyeuristic pleasure. By the end the audience is just left confused.

Sharon M (it) wrote: A dark comedy about finding love even when you want to kill yourself. Loved it!

Dustin D (es) wrote: Zoolander is a rare virtuoso comedy that delivers a laugh a minute. It has mostly stood the test of time and has become a minor cultural icon.

Mark A (gb) wrote: A rollicking good bedroom farce. Fernando (Jorge Sanz), an army deserter just prior to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, finds himself the beneficiary of the hospitality of Manolo (Fernando Fernan Gomez). The arrival of Manolo's four lovely daughters sets the story in motion. A young Penelope Cruz plays Luz, the youngest daughter. Rocio (Maribel Verd) is being wooed by a young man from the village. Violeta (Ariadna Gil) is the mannish second eldest who was raised as a boy until puberty. And Clara (Miriam Diaz Aroca) is the eldest, a widow whose husband drowned in the river the previous summer. Think of all the old farmer's daughter jokes and you begin to see the possibilities here. Which young beauty will Fernando choose? Each of the women take their turn, and the lack of sibling jealousy is remarkable. Several laugh out loud moments throughout. The arrival of the girls' mother (an opera singer) with her manager sets the final series of events in motion. And in the end, everyone seems content as Manolo is left alone again in the village. One can get a glimpse of the star quality of Miss Cruz here, before Hollywood got her in its clutches. All of the girls are quite lovely, but Penelope practically glows. Excellente!

SV G (ag) wrote: A father and his two daughters (voices dubbed by Dakota and Elle Fanning) move to the countryside to be near the hospital where his wife is being treated for some illness that is never exactly told. The girls meet woodland spirts and a wonderful oversized troll named Totoro. Charming story and animation.

Tristan P (us) wrote: Can I call it a biopic? No? Well, it doesn't matter, it's still good and in a way, enlightening. Plus Jim Henson's puppets are so awesome.

Craig F (au) wrote: A little clunky, but fun...

Kevin R (nl) wrote: We're all part monster.A planet's far off colony has stopped returning radio signals and a group of astronauts that hope to find survivors is deployed. They find a strange outbreak has eliminated all but a few, and the few remaining survivors do not want to be rescued. The astronauts try to uncover the truth behind the plague that killed so many."She joined herself to me, body and soul."Fred Wilcox, director of Lassie Come Home, Three Daring Daughters, The Secret Garden, Tennessee Champ, Code Two, and Courage of Lassie, delivers The Forbidden Planet. The storyline for this picture is executed very well. The special effects are dated and just okay but the plot and acting are very good. The cast includes Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevenes, Jack Kelly, and Richard Anderson. "You're the most understanding soul I've ever met up with."I came across this on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) and had to DVR it. I found the film fun to watch unfold and the plot better than I anticipated. I also enjoyed how the film concluded and ultimately came together. Overall, this was worth watching once and a nice addition to the genre for a film of this era."He knows your otherself."Grade: C+

Simon D (us) wrote: Sam Rockwell apart, I wasn't particularly excited by this cast, but it turned out to be quite a funny film. A spoof on Star Trek.

Sarfara A (de) wrote: Project A (A) Hong Kong martial arts comedy film written and directed by Jackie Chan. Starring Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao. Jackie, Sammo, and Yuen Biao have entertained people of both China/Hong Kong and Asia in whole with their splendid display of action-fights and action-choreography for three decades now. Jackie's real-stunts put further excitement to film. There is beauty of movies of Jackie Chan that stories in his movies are always told gently along with fast-paced action sequences.