E.S.O. Entitat sobrenatural oculta

E.S.O. Entitat sobrenatural oculta


In a secondary school, a group of students (Maria, Sonia, Paula, Pol and Esteban) form a tight-knit bunch. Axia, a girl obsessed with supernatural issues, leaving them mesmerized and included in the group. For the 50th anniversary of the center, start some work on improving the facilities. Laura, the tutor of the course offers students a work of the institute history. As they investigate they discover that, during the Civil War, there were tunnels collapsed, leaving people buried who were hiding there, including several children. According to information obtained on the Internet, people are buried "appear" killing. Are the "E.S.O. (Hidden supernatural entities "). When they decide to enter the tunnel adventure turns into a nightmare. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin C (br) wrote: Interesting, but not that much new, lots of obvious things, and the audience that sees it won't be the audience that needs to learn what it's teaching.

Ruby J (au) wrote: I don't think this movie ever made it to the theatres, probably because it required viewers to pay attention.Really good suspense/drama with solid performances, a 19th century same-sex love affair (real love, not cheap girl-on-girl action), and a rather interesting twist at the end.Plus, Amanda Plummer is in it, and when is that ever a bad thing?

Viktor N (mx) wrote: Really tragic that it's named a comedy, the story was complex but short and it was told in split screen, it works great in some scenes but mostly it's just annoying..

Tatsuhito K (us) wrote: A beautiful and quite moving drama about mortality. Time to Leave is a terrific French drama.

Ryan A (de) wrote: love the first 3 movies the 4th was ok but cant wait for 5

Sylvester K (ca) wrote: Just shoot me in the head please.

RiP M (au) wrote: Complex maze with numerous narratives that would each have made great stand-alone films. In this form, they seem unnecessarily truncated.

Eliabeth G (nl) wrote: to see Mr. Fiennes looking ever si dashing was worth it. I didn't feel chemistry between jho and Ralph, but I liked the supporting cast.

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 87%Watched this on 19/1/16This is the only sports film (except The Color of Money) that I have seen which does not have a feel good nature. Oliver Stone directs with his trademark hyperkinetic style and captures the game of rugby from all possible angles and what makes it so interesting is the ambiguous nature of all characters where you cannot actually predict their fates which is extremely unlikely for a sports film. The characters are so well drawn and actors Pacino, Jamie Fox, Cameron Diaz etc etc give top notch performances along with Stone's, magnificent direction makes this a memorable ride. This is one of the rare sports films where the scenes without any sport are more interesting than the game in the film. The film's ending is also stylish and rather surprising. However, Stone at times overdoes his work by letting too much footage into his scenes, especially in the scene where Ben-Hur is used.

Clare K (es) wrote: The ensemble acting in this film is just about unequaled, probably because these characters probably couldn't be written or performed this way today.

Scott C (mx) wrote: A fine way to end the series. Loy & Powell seem to always click.

Gavin M (gb) wrote: Another good but not great Eastwood movie. But it does leave an interesting look into the afterlife and if there is one.

Anna N (es) wrote: Not interested. In general I don't like horror movies.