E-Tim tai nae

E-Tim tai nae

Ei-ting plays a Thai boxer in the tourist resort of Pattaya, Thailand where he puts on show fights (fake) with his friend whom retires shortly into the movie, this leaves Ei-ting in a ...

Ei-ting plays a Thai boxer in the tourist resort of Pattaya, Thailand where he puts on show fights (fake) with his friend whom retires shortly into the movie, this leaves Ei-ting in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John M (nl) wrote: From our Netflix DVD list, we rated this one A

William D (au) wrote: "Prince of Broadway" is an admirable but dull film. It heroically chronicles the hardscrabble life of poor immigrants in New York City, but it doesn't have much of a story to tell about them. Lucky, the main character, is an illegal immigrant (from Africa, it seems) who ekes out a meager living by selling counterfeit luxury items, a major trade in NYC. His life is turned upside-down when a former girlfriend shows up one day and hands him a baby. "He's your son," she says. He struggles to hand the baby back, but to no avail. He stands there shell-shocked, not even knowing how to hold a child much less parent one. This is great subject matter, but writer/director Sean Baker doesn't really know what to do with it. Watching this uneducated man struggle to learn to take care of a baby doesn't make for compelling cinema after about 20 minutes. Baker is a master of ethnographic cinema, capturing the look and feel of a particular social milieu. He presents the New York under-class with the same kind of deep, gritty authenticity that Lee Daniels did in 'Precious.' Alas, capturing a look and feel is only part of a movie-making project. There also has to be a great screenplay with a great story. Baker really disappoints here. He may be a great director, but he's no screenwriter. Still, I'm very pleased that 'Prince of Broadway' finally found a distributor two years after the film was finished. No doubt this was all due to Lee Daniels, who agreed to let his name be used in the marketing campaign. In all the movie ads I've seen, "Lee Daniels Presents" appears above the title. We desperately need more hand-made films like this and more filmmakers like Baker and Daniels, who are willing to forgo a life of riches to tell stories about the poor. "Prince" may not be a perfect film, but cinephiles from coast to coast must support it to send a message that films with subject matter like this are marketable. If a market for films like this opens up, we would no doubt get some better specimens of the genre quickly. Support hand-made working-class cinema!

Kara H (ag) wrote: couldn't make it through. horrible acting, terrible sound, cheesy, and an attempt to make fantasies into reality gone so wrong, boring. nothing good about this.

Asa B (jp) wrote: This was one of those films you expect to hate but after two glasses of wine this had me laughing and thoroughly enjoying every minute. If I had finished the bottle then I would have probably booked a holiday to Greece. Great fun!

Brian B (ag) wrote: Excellent movie and a beautiful love story!

Ravan Florentin P (us) wrote: the description really doesn't do it justice. Stoibog

Philip W (jp) wrote: Extremely affecting documentary that chronicles the oft-ignored victims of the Holocaust: homosexuals. Solemnly narrated by Rupert Everett and set to the haunting score of Tibor Szemz, historian Klaus Mller tracked down ten homosexual survivors (out of a reported 15 who are still alive today), in order to document their stories and shed some light on the reasons they were persecuted along with over six million Jews, gypsies, old people, retarded people, the unemployed, etc. An interesting and well-supported theory is that Hitler??s righthand strong man, Roem, gay himself, betrayed Hitler during the SS rise to power. Previously a defender of Roem??s sexuality, Hitler executed his former friend and then stepped up the rounding up of gays for the camps. The interviews are intermixed with powerful historical footage documenting the popularity of German male youth groups, many of which seem to have contributed to the male-on-male companionship and liberating sexuality that these gay men found, the decadent nightlife Berlin of the 1920??s and early 30??s, seen at the time as a bastion of gay and lesbian culture worldwide, and finally Adolf Hitler??s slow, steady rise to fame accompanied by videos of large gatherings Heil Hilter-ing their way into a nationwide brainwashing. Of course, the pink triangle worn by gays in the camps denoted their status. They were typically used as slave labor, guinea pigs for medical experiments, as well as summarily raped and tortured. This film is not an easy one to watch and some of these men tell stories that are beyond horrific. The interviewees show old pictures of themselves when they were handsome, vibrant young men and include many personal stories of what life was like before and after the Holocaust. The quiet moments of narration by Everett are accompanied by a wonderful and appropriately-somber score. One man so overcome by memories of his torture inside the camps, breaks down on-camera unable to recount the story he's been unable to talk to anyone about after being released from his third concentration camp. Another story came from a Jewish lesbian (lesbianism was considered 'curable' while male homosexuality threatened the very fabric of Aryan nationalism) who explains that after her escape to the countryside and living on a farm, the Nazis located them and burned the house down. After escaping from the burning edifice with others hiding out, she returned to find her untouched passport amidst the charred ruins. She got on her bike and started out and the postmaster ran after her with a letter containing the papers she needed to flee to England. Her entire family perished in the camps.The title refers to an anti-sodomy edict of the German Penal Code that states, ??An unnatural sex act committed between persons of the male sex or by humans with animals is punishable by imprisonment; the loss of civil rights may also be imposed," a law that was resurrected by Hitler to justify his addition of gays into the Final Solution and enforced until well into the late 1960??s in both East and West Germany.**** out of 5 stars. Very powerful documentary. One of the best of this genre.

Rory Fyfe S (br) wrote: Entertaining movie about working in an office.

Lindsay W (de) wrote: Though Colin Firth tries his hardest to pull off being a French asshole, he was not made for this part. Annette Bening offers a strong performance, though a bit over the top. I'm a fan of period pieces, but this one was hard to get into with most of the characters being without redeeming qualities. Henry Thomas was about the only thing worth seeing in this - not for his mediocre performance, but because he's freakin' Eliott.

Richard W (ca) wrote: Simple, silly, plot but heart warming feel good story, this is a classic , terrible acting set with a poor plot equals amazing film.

Dan G (ag) wrote: Chevy Chase dies and comes back as Benji? GOLD!

Brad S (us) wrote: I was very surprised and impressed by this film. It's a remake of sorts of Douglas Sirk's "All The Heaven Allows" and a precursor to Todd Haynes' "Far From Heaven". At first, I wasn't that impressed with the look for the film, and I found the performances somewhat stilted, but as the story continued i was drawn in more and more and started to take more notice of the technical achievements. The framing is excellent and there was a few camera movements that really impressed me, particularly a shot at an outside cafe. By the end, I was completely floored by this film. I very highly recommend it, and would suggest watching "All That Heaven Allows" first, though it isn't necessary. This is a must watch for serious film buffs!

Eric R (ca) wrote: After the immense success of the Sonny Chiba vehicles "The Street Fighter" and "Return of the Street Fighter", Toei Pictures decided to provide the hungry audiences with a female spin-off which in turn turned out to be just as popular and spawned a series of films itself. The final result may not be as good as Chiba's outings, but it still manages being a very entertaining comic book martial arts fest brimming with lovable exploitation elements.Etsuko Shihomi portrays the title character as she gets hired by the police to help them find her missing brother who somehow has ties to a drug cartel that smuggles heroin in, get this, wigs! The mission won't be easy as our drug lord has a plethora of different fighters to take sister street down, including 'Amazon Seven', an all girl squad who dress like cave women!Etsuko Shihomi was a perfect choice for the role as she is both a tremendous action star but also one of the most attractive Asian women I have ever laid my eyes upon. I'm a sucker for beautiful women that could kick my ass. Apparently she was not the first choice for the role as the character was originally offered to actress Angela Mao who gained a small following by playing Bruce Lee's sister in "Enter the Dragon." She ended up passing on the project so the role went to Sonny Chiba's star pupil at the time who was just barely 18 years old. Not only did she have one the greatest martial arts teachers proving she knew here karate but she also had the ability to do all of her own stunts. Did I also mention she's amazing to look at?Like the "Street Fighter" films, this spin-off weaves plenty of exploitation elements into the mix when it comes to nudity, extreme violence and gore. These elements is what makes me enjoy these Japanese martial arts films more than their Hong Kong counter-parts as they are a little more in bad taste. I'm sorry but I'm a sucker for when a guy hits another in the face and he spits out teach and blood. I wouldn't say this is more violent than Chiba's films (I mean "The Street Fighter" was the first film ever to garner an "X" rating just for violence) but there is still plenty of extremely violent moments with flowable red liquid. Look for the guy who gets his head completely twisted around.Inexperienced director Kazuhiko Yamaguchi was given the reigns of this film and he knows how to give it that lovable comic book feel with shaky, fast zooms. His flow the film is somewhat incoherent but then again we don't watch these type of films for coherency. We watch them for violence, bloodshed, and kick ass martial arts and this film delivers on all those accounts.Fans of Chiba will see a cameo with him in a supporting role but he doesn't play the same character he did in the "Street Fighter" films. Why would they do that? This is a spin-off so have him show up as the same character damnit! It's nice to have Chiba in any film, even if it is just a cameo, but it royally annoyed me they didn't have him return as the same God damn character."Sister Street Fighter" is a solid spin-off from Chiba's solidified "Street Fighter" trilogy that holds its own making Etsuko Shihomi the one and only ever Japanese female action star. It's got enough great fight sequences, comic book tone, blood and other exploitation elements to make any fan of these genre films happy. Two official sequels would follow ("Sister Street Fighter: Hanging by a Thread" and "Return of the Sister Street Fighter") and one unofficial one (Sister Street Fighter: Fifth Level Fist"), all which have the loveable Shihomi return.Note: Like Chiba's "Street Fighter" series, "Sister Street Fighter" has also fallen into public domain hell here in the United States so there are plenty of shitty discs available to buy. Unlike Chiba's films, "Sister Street Fighter" has been given a few official, high quality releases from BCI Eclipse in three separate sets. The first version which only contains the English dubbed audio track is available in two separate releases: Welcome to the Grindhouse: The Bodyguard / Sister Street Fighter double feature and The Sonny Chiba Collection box set. A slightly better one which contains both the English dub and the subtitled Japanese version was also released in a box set entitled The Sister Street Fighter Collection which also includes all three sequels. All these releases are out-of-print but can still be obtained at very low prices. Just remember that are the only version worth getting in the United States, all others are complete crap!

Thrse F (jp) wrote: Not at all interested

Francisco F (gb) wrote: Grand spectacle non spectaculaire.

Layla H (nl) wrote: As it turns out, suicide is not really funny, but Alexander Skarsgard in drag is.