Each Night I Dream

Each Night I Dream

In the formally ravishing Every-Night Dreams, set in the dockside neighborhoods of Tokyo, a single mother works tirelessly as a Ginza bar hostess to ensure a better life for her young son—until her long-lost husband returns. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laura N (de) wrote: An intriguing documentary about a family and its secrets. The documentary looks at everyone's point of view, sometimes conflicting, but all relevant. It supports my view that there is no truth. Everyone has a different version and opinion of what occurred. And in the end, the director can edit out whatever she likes. AND THAT IS THE POINT. Beautifully executed as well as conceived.

Jeff L (it) wrote: It's unclear why "The Broken Circle Breakdown" feels the need to veer into "message movie" territory, because it's already a devastating, tender love story full of captivating (acting and musical) performances.

Ben T (fr) wrote: A fantastic anime flick that has great animation (of course), a great voice cast, and great characters. The script is full of adventure and emotion and the film can be so sweet or dramatic that there were many moments where I almost tiered up. This is a must-see for animation fans and fans of anime.

Heather M (ag) wrote: This was an adorable, yet morbid movie. The cast was unusual but great. I was a bit sad about the way things turned out for the lovable undertaker although I saw his fate coming. This is definitely worth a watch for people that like their horror movies to have a sense of humor.

Tim W (jp) wrote: Creepy, but not scary. Amusing, but not funny. Lots of Halloween stories/tropes rolled into one. I did quite like the imagery and design of the movie. Not as clever as it thinks it is. Unfocused.

Jeff T (fr) wrote: WILD MAN ! Great film. Gave me the creeps but also the giggles. Full of deep south boysies as well. Great film.

Ryan S (ru) wrote: This movie was mildly entertaining. Not much of a horror film, but there's some funny moments and some nice gore. The dude getting impaled on the beer bottle was pretty great. And seeing Diamond Dallas Page get his eyes stabbed out, lol. And seeing Jason Alexander with a British accent was strangely amusing. For a Snoop Dogg movie, it's decent, but don't go in expecting more.

Murali B (mx) wrote: Songs are good. the story line & the characters (except for the character of Abhishek) are kinda annoying.

Yola J (nl) wrote: Well I am a sucker for the RED RASTA MAN... so u know Kymani marley had me in a daze.... I didn't really buy the attraction and love between him and the female but the story line with a christian and rasta falling in love was quite good.....that forbidden love and the sterotype of Rastas being drug dealers.

Charles G (jp) wrote: An amazing film with an amazing message. If a movie could ever make me cry it would be this one, I've never felt more touched and dragged into the story than I did with this. The cast, crew, and writers did such an amazing job and in the process made gold

Jacob B (gb) wrote: John Woo's typical "doves coming to attend the climactic battle" cliche aside, Face/Off is a stylish, action-packed, appropriately over-the-top and sometimes even darkly comedic with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage doing great jobs portraying each other...literally. A really entertaining action thriller with an interesting premise.

Renee (fr) wrote: ~~~~~Bette Davis~~~~~ ~~~~~At her best!~~~~

Eliabeth K (au) wrote: Funny! Cary Grant as a grungy, heavy drinking bachelor.

Yash B (au) wrote: DiCaprio delivers a great performance but the film is a drag. The pacing is all over the place and it just feels long and boring. I think the source material is interesting but I can see it better as a documentary or something like that. As a movie it just isn't very entertaining but it has impressive performances.