Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

Jerry Shaw and Rachel Holloman are two strangers whose lives are suddenly thrown into turmoil by a mysterious woman they have never met. Threatening their lives and family, the unseen caller uses everyday technology to control their actions and push them into increasing danger. As events escalate, Jerry and Rachel become the country's most-wanted fugitives and must figure out what is happening to them.

Jerry Shaw is a lazy guy, but he is also very kind,. He has a twin brother who always succeeds in everything. After his brother died in an accident, some strange things have happened to him... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rebeka W (au) wrote: Another standard syfy flick. The bad cgi and seeable plot-twists do make for a good watch.

Trevor C (jp) wrote: Some of it seems a little ridiculous in its artistic camera angles used throughout the whole take (because I do the same thing after holding a camera for a long time - I begin to flip from side to side really slowly - it creates a cool sort of effect; especially since it is all just one shot [that's right, one shot]) which becomes a little tedious - and the acting isn't truly top notch; and some of the build up wasn't really that exciting, yet the final half hour is the some of the most suspenseful bit of film I've ever seen and the ending left me shaking. The story is tragic to begin with - an innocent family with what appears to be a decent amount of land is attacked by terrorists who want money. The family claims they don't have money - which they really don't - so the terrorists strap a bomb around the mother's neck made from four angular PVC pipes that hold wiring and chemicals within. Basically its a bomb that's going to pack a punch, all on one little old lady. The film takes place in real time, so it all happens before our eyes (we don't even get a real idea of who any of the characters are - except for a few small attempts to get history, but due to the reality of situation, we never really get to know anyone). It starts with terrorists attacking the home, then attaching the bomb, then the family going to the location to get the bomb removed, and then this and then that and we see every second (though a few seconds are sped up to keep pacing going). Despite 'artistic' ways to hold a camera (which was obviously preplanned, but it seems like the camera guy got bored and was trying to do something interesting with his time) and a bit of amateurish/slightly rushed acting, this is a perfect movie. It left me, again, literally shaking. Few movies can do that.

Emma J (gb) wrote: This is an interesting concept, I'm not sure it was presented in the best possible way.

DJ J (kr) wrote: Waiting to Exhale has to be one of the best black dramas ever produced to date. It's not that the story is just humorous or dramatic, but more so that it's touching, moving, inspiring, and down right captivating. Certainly, this is Whitney Houston in her better days... nonetheless, she plays a brilliant role as a young strong successful black woman looking for a strong black man that she may simply let go and relax in his arms and just... exhale. If you want to see one of the best African American casted dramas to date, soon to be a classic, then this is it.

Ron P (mx) wrote: Glad it's held up as a pretty good film, not just as the chronicle of an era.

Ash D (es) wrote: Beautifully directed, well written and well acted, The Long Voyage Home is really quite something. A motley crew of sailors, and the things they get up to, from wild brawls, to anti-war messages, it's a wonderful film.Not to mention seeing John Wayne play a lumbering, good-natured Swede.

Cameron P (gb) wrote: Assuming you rate all movies on a scale that starts in the middle, then move them up or down depending on how well they stand up to some standard (your enjoyment, artistic merit, your ideal film, whatever) then Hercules in new York starts a1 5/10 then quickly plunges so far down that it sorta comes back around and ends up near 10.Somehow this movie is; a quotable as Pulp Fiction "I am Hercules, I do not have any money",as funny as Airplane, see the bear fight for more details.all while maintaining a consistent and unique aesthetic.is it a good film? not be any sense of the phrase.should you gather everyone you know to watch it? Yes dear god yes. seriously, just do it.

Zachary P (it) wrote: This was really funny

Sahin P (it) wrote: Chris Evans comes off a bit too strong from the start.The story feels little forced every now and then.For me personally, Evans' acting was really bad. He could do without trying to copy Ethan Hawke.Forced romanticism, imposed sense of nostalgia.Offers nothing new; sticks to age old, idealized sense of love and relationships.