Eagle Island

Eagle Island

An island with a secret military base is attacked by terrorists. It's up to two female photographers and a gang of Ninjas to stop it.

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Ryan J (it) wrote: 1st film was actually quite decent, good scares on a low budget, the sequel is just a blabbering mess of a film where at one point I thought I had been watching it for 2hrs but when checked the display it had only been going for 80 minutes, geeeeez. Don't bother.

Caroline G (fr) wrote: Seems like a Good Story line... about a Boy in a Box!!! Might have gone to see it... because it has a Hottie like Patrick Muldoon in it! But who wants 2 go see it with a Dyke like KSTEW... and a 2faced Bitch like Nikki Reed in it?! Thought she dropped out of it anyway... Paul MCDonals is a DumBASSS if he wants to marry into that!!!!

KMM (br) wrote: A young man who is chronically depressed returns home to his misfit family and helps them cope with a crisis. Casey Affleck is so great as the miserable 'Jimmy'. Couldn't help but empathize.

Sylvester K (us) wrote: Absolutely Retarded!! The toys were not scary at all, looked superficial. The plot was stupid but it's a cult classic silly fun.

Erick F (gb) wrote: I really liked this movie. I have no idea who these people think they are giving it a 17%. Skeletor looks awesome. The costume and production design are fascinating. Even some of the more campier stuff. The practical effects are also part of the fun, and not in an ironic way. I watched this movie twice recently, and there is so much to like about it. Skeletor is a rotten bastard the entire time. He-Man has amazing feathered 80s hair. The music is great. The action is great. The story structure is typical 80s, "CHARACTER FROM ANOTHER TIME/OR UNIVERSE COMES TO THE PRESENT AND ADVENTURES ENSUE". But seriously, rewatch it if you haven't in a while. Also, the bald headed principal from Back to the Future, plays a pissed off cop with a shotgun because "I SWEAR, THEY WERE HERE, IT WAS THE DAMNDEST THING I EVER SAW". All good stuff. Good concept, good execution.

Private U (ca) wrote: Just an Awesome ass movie about the funniest black mother fucka that ever lived.

Kevin M (jp) wrote: The story about the man who started gang violence and the Crips gang, named Stan "Tookie" Williams, is definitely shaky, but still good. If the film had a bigger budget, a more present soundtrack, and was written a few years later, it would have been Oscar-material. You can tell this was filmed very cheaply, but that's not much of a problem. The biggest problem is the ending, which was left running a tad dry. It's even more agonizing to know that Tookie died in prison only a year after this film's release, which means had the filmmakers waited a while, they could have incorporated a deep and emotionally rich ending. Of course, nobody knew that would have happened, so you can't place the blame on anyone. Jamie Foxx is good, but he's not going to win over any awards. Tookie is an interesting character though; it's always a treat to watch an intellectual speak out and declare what he thinks right and wrong. Even though the film has it's shortcomings, it's still a good film, considering the budget it was made on.

Jason P (ca) wrote: I think Joseph Gordon Levitt has some real talent and this film shows his progression from being in front of the camera to behind it.

Des S (fr) wrote: Really love watching the rock in these hero roles.

Wesley L (au) wrote: God I love this movie lol

Andrea H (gb) wrote: This is one of the most erotic, sensual, and heart wrenching love stories I have ever seen. It will always be at the top of my favoites list.