Eagles Over London

Eagles Over London

The British High Command finds itself in the thick of a huge dilemma when it is realized that they have long been infiltrated by spies from a German intelligence group. This all happens during the preliminary stages of the Battle of Britain.

In World war 2, a German undercover unit infiltrates British lines during the evacuation of Dunkirk, 1939. The film revolves around their successes and failures in disrupting R.A.F. operations during the Battle of Britain. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Terry C (mx) wrote: A post apocalyptic survival tale with strong performance from the 2 leads Ellen Page and Rachel Evan Wood. But the plot and character motivations were just implausible at times, only to further reveal its strong underlying feminist themes from which the book it was based on was mainly famous for.

Betsabe A (jp) wrote: Lo mejor de esta pelcula es el soundtrack (interpretado por Which). Me gustaron los recursos visuales, esa suerte de imgenes subliminales, y las actuaciones no estuvieron tan mal. La historia fue la que no me entusiasm mucho, pero est bien para pasar el rato con algo de intriga y suspenso.

Micah B (es) wrote: Paste top 25 of decade #2

Orlok W (us) wrote: Modern exercise in vintage horror--Ordeal or no deal!!

Suniil S (gb) wrote: i love this movie very muchhhh

Camille L (es) wrote: Mafia Blues est un film plutt sympathique grce une mise en scne efficace d'Harold Ramis qui parvient faire cohabiter Robert de Niro et Billy Crystal dans une comdie qui repose sur le cabotinage des deux acteurs, bouffeurs de pellicule. Le film pourrait tre un classique s'il tentait un peu de sortir des sentiers battus et de sa blague initiale. Clairement, le film d'Harold Ramis raconte une longue blague unique pendant 1h50 et si cela pourrait suffire n'importe quel autre film, il y a tellement de potentiel ici qu'on ne peut qu'tre un peu du la fin (surtout que le dernier acte est un peu bcl).

Dennis M (gb) wrote: Gary Oldman...and Lena Olin, as the hottest and the baddest of the Bad Girls.

Chris W (gb) wrote: This comedic western romance concerns a third rate criminal named Henry Moon, who, moments before he is to be hanged for horse thievery, is saved, thanks to a law in the backwater Texas town, allows for a woman to save a criminal from death, barring she agrees to marry him and take responsibility for his behavior. And that's what happens: Julia Tate claims the grateful Moon who soon regrets the arrangement when it's revealed she only really wants to use him as manual labor for a gold mine she swears is on her property. Aside from that, Moon also has problems with the Sheriff. Not only does he not care for Moon to begin with, but he also feels like Moon took Julia away from him, viewing her as "his girl". Featuring an all star cast, and directed by its star Jack Nicholson, this had potential to be an absolute riot. Unfortunately, while the film starts off strong, it devolves into an uninspired bore and never quite recovers. There are some good moments here and there, but there's not really enough to save this from being a generic "meh" kind of film.This is a top notch cast who, besides Nicholson includes the likes of John Belushi and Mary Steenburgen in their film debuts, he as a deputy, she as Julia, and CHristopher Lloyd as the sheriff. There's also appearance by Ed Begley, Jr., Veronica Cartwright, and Danny DeVito.Nicholson and Belushi really ham it up and appear to be having a lot of fun, but Lloyd, while okay, could have been even better. I like Mary Steenburgen alright, but she's not all that good hear. Granted, it is her first film, but still, she's kinda awful. At least we get a brief glimpse of her nipples through a wet shirt...I really wanted to like this movie, and, even though I did enjoy it in parts, as a whole, it's a real disappointment. Unless you're a completist for anyone in the cast, I don't really recommend this.

Bonnie C (es) wrote: First time I ever saw Joanne Woodward on a movie!I could feel how suffocated Rachel must be. Constant fantasy and imagination is somewhat similar to Catherine Deneuve that I saw not too long ago but came with same feeling as with that movie... Nothing much left in my brain after movie...

Simon D (fr) wrote: A bit of a daft serial killer movie with a fairly predictable twist.

Judge L (fr) wrote: A lot better than I thought it would be. Disney once again makes a great sports flick based on a true story.

Gimly M (de) wrote: The Superman franchise changed hands again with the release of III. A move which pissed a lot of people off. Christopher Reeve was disappointed in the series' new direction, but not so much as to turn down the paycheque of another role. Margot Kidder's negative reaction gained her a back seat in the film, and Gene Hackman left the piece altogether. Though there's plenty to be said about Christopher Reeve's acting ability, as he plays Clark Kent, Superman and a darker, uncaring version of Superman, all in the one film with vigour; this is essentially all Superman has going for it by this stage.Richard Pryor is out of place in the DC universe, making slapstick terror and taking up nearly as much screen time as the Man of Steel himself (much to my chagrin). Robert Vaughn's Ross Webster makes for a poor Luthor substitute. Lana Lang's insertion as a love interest was completely disrespectful to the effort that had been put in with the first two films, making Superman's sacrifices and emotions all but redundant.There's very little new material in the piece, and everything that is new, is for the worse. The end result is a cheap disappointment that should never have been made, whose only saving grace is it's titular character. which the film severely under uses in favour of boring sideline exposition and pointless, deranged silliness.21%-Gimly

Muffin M (kr) wrote: While excavating in the Dordogne Valley of France, a scientific research team's new invention, a time-travel machine, has inadvertently sent archaeology professor Edward Johnston (Billy Connolly) back to 14th century France...and ha landed him in the middle of the raging Hundred Years War between the French and English. Johnston's only chance for rescue lies in the hands of his son Chris (Paul Walker), his assistant professor Andre Marek (Gerard Butler), and several of his students. The intrepid time travelers must make the same treacherous journey and, with the deadline of only eight hours now ticking away, must navigate through the hostile, war-torn territory and retrieve the professor before he's lost to history forever. also stars Frances O'Connor, David Thewlis, Anna Friel, Neal McDonough, Matt Craven and Ethan Embry.directed by Richard Donner.