In the peaceful countryside, Vassily opposes the rich kulaks over the coming of collective farming.

In the peaceful countryside, Vassily opposes the rich kulaks over the coming of collective farming. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (us) wrote: With her mother(Lili Taylor) being an alcoholic, 18-year old Angelina(Ashley Hinshaw) is left to take care of her younger sister Jojo(Maya Raines). At the same time, Angelina desperately wants to spread her wings and live her own life. But her job at a laundromat is not going to get her far. So, she poses nude for Vaughn(Ernest Waddell). That gets her the money for her and her friend Andrew(Dev Patel) to move to San Francisco. That's where she works as a waitress in a strip club where she meets Frances(James Franco). Alternately erotic and chaste, "About Cherry" does admittedly suffer from a lack of focus at times. But it is also refreshing in it not being a garden variety cautionary tale. Rather, it is about somebody who is surrounded by cautionary tales. And it is a nice touch that the movie depicts a corner of the adult film industry as being both gay and female friendly. Out of all the surprises here, the biggest has to be the neat turn by none other than Heather Graham.

Rafael S (ca) wrote: I can't believe people were stupid enough to fall for this guy's scam. Are people really that spiritually thirsty or just plain dumb? They were all used as guinea pigs for this documentary believing that this charlatan, movie-maker was a holy figure that was going to lead them all to enlightenment. I give it two stars, one for the balls to do what he did, and another for the comedy of it all. Dumb people are funny to watch after all. S Overall, I do not recommend.

Llayna T (jp) wrote: This movie is awesome

Mike P (br) wrote: Surprisingly pretty good, but the movie is too long. Sometimes editing should realize when too much is too much.

Garrett C (mx) wrote: Master and Commander is a perfectly masterful action/adventure film of the highest order. The authentic atmosphere, attention to detail, incredible acting job, expert cinematography, and thorough character writing are all immensely impressive.

Daniel P (jp) wrote: What a piece of shit. I had the volume on 43 and couldn't hear a damn thing, just mumbling, until music came on. thwn all of a sudden it was insanely loud. fucking piece of shit

Adam A (ca) wrote: "Misery" come off as an tension-heavy horror that treats you as well as the perpetrator herself does to Paul, but the real star here is Kathy Bates whos brilliant performance puts an eerie atmosphere to an otherwise predictable and almost childish protagonist.

Carlota M (nl) wrote: As faithful to the book as can be, it translates every word into moving picture. Perfect.

Tom H (gb) wrote: Dick Powell`s portrayal of the legendary screen detective "Philip Marlowe" is a stand alone achievement in making the character his own. Just his facial expressions while listening to someone else talk is amusing and keeps you focused on this interesting character. "Murder, My Sweet" is a underrated masterpiece formed from the brilliant mind of Edward Dmytryk.This is truly one of the best film-noirs out there. It has passed the test of time, and i guarantee it will keep doing so in the future. The character "moose" , this big intimidating guy is just a creepy dimwitted type and is in fact one of the most scary characters i have seen from that era. like a big Frankenstein who could crush you with his huge bare hands. Well i said enough, but i highly and intensely recommend this classic film.

Brett E (es) wrote: Best Adam Sandler movie of all time. Non-stop laughs, can watch it over & over again!

Francesca G (gb) wrote: Great movie, and I absolutely love Richard Gere. Something about his soft spoken, shy, personality is so sexy!

Joe H (jp) wrote: Tim Allen. Gervais was right, you're not funny