Earth 2100

Earth 2100

Experts say over the next hundred years the "perfect storm" of population growth, resource depletion and climate change could converge with catastrophic results. The scenarios in Earth 2100 are not a prediction of what will happen but rather a warning about what might happen.

Follows the account of Lucy, who is born into a society where people are desperate for natural resources, while the global temperature and population are highly increasing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Earth 2100 torrent reviews

David d (ag) wrote: Funny, thoughtful movie.

Jason S (br) wrote: Premiered on Syfy and that's all there is to really say about it. Not a bad movie, but could have been better. It's sad to see all of these potentially great horror movies, that are part of the Horrorfest line up being sold to premiere on Syfy, where it shows how somewhat lame they are. Graphics were decent, but there was acting by one person in the film that was beyond horrible, the assistant to Lance Henriksen's character.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: Really loved thus moving for the story and outdoor skills.

Greg R (es) wrote: It's mean-spirited but it's an enjoyable kind of mean-spirited. It's rude, crude, cynical, and funny.

Joel B (de) wrote: It is a shame that this ended with just two episodes, it was really very promising.

Jon B (au) wrote: Fantastic John Barry jazz score in this Wim Wenders homage to hard-boiled detectives and everything Dashiell Hammett. Great premise, as former detective and crime fiction writer Hammett (best known for The Maltese Falcon and The Continental Op) is called upon by an old friend from his former detective agency to help solve a crime involving human trafficking in San Francisco's Chinatown. Nicolas Roeg was originally slated to direct this film, and the backstory is quite a mess, but it comes together as an interesting mystery with intentionally stilted acting and a great script. I love this kind of film, so I'm biased, but I thought it was successful primarily because of its perfect soundtrack and witty screenplay.

Terri H (it) wrote: No thanks - Not interested

Gabriella F (au) wrote: As a fashion student, I enjoyed looking at the fashionable ladies and their outfits, makeup, and mannerisms of the 50s. But, the plot itself was not my cup of tea - I am not one to desire to watch a "comedy" about three women who play men to marry for money. It could have been funnier, really. This movie lacks importance.

JamesMasaki R (kr) wrote: Definitely not the best Fields movie, as the gags are pretty average and the love story without Fields taking the center stage. Movies like "Bank Dick" "Million Dollar Legs" or "Mississippi" are better choices to see Fields at his best.

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Conrad T (ca) wrote: Nicolas Cage could never fit into the image of an angel in my mind.