Earth and the American Dream

Earth and the American Dream


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Phillip K (es) wrote: I won't go back after this movie.

Nikhil M (ca) wrote: Being a big big fan of Scooby Doo, it was sad to watch this movie. Looks like the movie has been commercialized and given modern treatment which is not required for Scooby Doo movies.

Adityo K (ca) wrote: A story that portraits the real event happens in war, really love it

Caesar M (it) wrote: Sunday School Musical is about a soulful African American singer-dancer who brings life to straightlaced, slightly off-key white choir. Containing an abundant amount of cliches you'll know everything that will happen without devoting all your attention to it. Something the film does poorly is understanding the idea of conflict. Every conflict introduced is dealt nonchalantly fixed easily within minutes or within the same scene. Even the major conflict of Zach (the film's protagonist) not being able to sing at his Church is unintentionally resolved eliminating the film reason to have a plot. At the start of the film we learn that Zach's mother lost her job and the entire family has to move with their aunt on the other side of town. Now according to dialogue within the same scene that would be forty five minutes away. Forty five minutes that Zach would spent to get back to the same side of town just to pout on a roof and makes frequent return to this one roof where apparently all the hip Church choir singers go to hang out. Creating a film that has nothing going for it. All that's left is a serie of tire cliches (two opposing team working together in the finals, shoehorned in testaments, and the results of who wins). With no real conflict the characters have nothing to learn from, nothing to conquer, and nothing that to make them rounded characters. Blinded by constructing a series of bad narrative choices the film's has an unintended undertone message that the blacker you are the better you are at singing. It comes across that way as in the beginning of the film a white choir doesn't improve until Zach joins the team making them better and the reigning champions is an all black choir. Intentional or not the film seems to be unable to do anything correctly even doing the most basic of story elements correctly is too difficult for it. Now like all musicals the songs themselves are just as important as how they are incorporated into the film. Music is prominent in the beginning of the film only to mess up its own pacing going long duration without a musical number. Songs in "Sunday School Musical" have less depth than the most generic pop songs. Lazily written the songs meaning are easy to grasps, but never come across with the intended purpose. One song titled "You're Not the Boss" is literally about two characters singing about who's more annoying. Singing the following hurtful insults "If I play the piano louder than they'll never hear a thing.", "You're the not boss. A high school superstar.", "We need more talent if want to compete", and my favorite one "Zach can crack a egg and make swell pie.". These lyrics alone out of context are goofy, but together in a single song it becomes painful to listen. All the songs in the film suffer from the same rhythms of problems. The lyricist of these songs I'm convinced and you will too after listening to a single track know nothing about music. Easily the worst song titled "In My Shoes" best embodies everything that is musically wrong about the musical aspect. Being a self proclaim "Maniac" I was crazy enough to listen to it multiple times to include a partial outline of the song in my review. So after Zach explains to his friend Savannah situation that led him to moving to the other side of town the followings lines of text are sang. Now tell me if these sound like good people. Zach: Hold up one minute! Do you think I want it this way? Gotta leave my friends. Dis my plan. Pack and move away. I thought that you would hold me down. I see now it's all about you. OHOHOHO! Savannah: Wait, wait, wait a second boy. You're not going to turn this around on me. When you're the one skipping town. Right before we finally get the chance to go to state. Guess that ain't important to you? Oh boy. Zach: If you really cared than you wouldn't talk that way. Savannah: And if you didn't want to leave than you would to stay. Unable to overcome its low budget restraints everything ends up looking cheap. The school Zach attends are empty that one could have easily mistaken the film to have taken place post apocalypse. Choreography is limited to the location as actors will mostly move around in circles in the same location. Performing dance moves that have been done a million times. Acting leaves plenty to be desire since the actors have no personality they come across as unlikable. Delivery every lines in monotone voice. The line delivery in this film is more lifeless than a cemetery. As for the Christian elements of the film they are all shoehorned in. Christianity is hardly discuss in the film nor are its belief ever touch upon. As an audience we never understand the reason for behind the characters choosing this religion. The most Christian this film gets is with the forced Bible quotes. Sunday School Musical has nothing for the audience its trying to appeal for. The songs are lazily written quickly forgotten from your thoughts once they end, the actors lack personality with mediocre performances, and there's hardly any kind of Christian content in the film. It's a cheap cash grab that while laughably bad at times only encourages viewer to stop watching. Ending up bad song that loops for ninety mintues.

Corey V (jp) wrote: great film, all star cast.

Stephen C (jp) wrote: I don't know what the deal with these Canadian retro zombie movies, but I'm liking them. This one is a bit cheesier then Fido but is funny, a little disturbing and doesn't take itself too serious for a good laugh. I love how everything is overdubbed, from the voices to the sound effects.

Derrick M (fr) wrote: i would love to see the movie

Peter D (ca) wrote: "A bit stupid" says my better half! I tend to agree, though there's just enough in the film, once you get past the very slow first 40 min, to keep you going to the end. Not the best film I've ever seen, though not the worst either.

Gisle B (us) wrote: I found this movie to be pretty good. Amitabh is, as usual, really good and entertaining. I have not watched a lot of old hindi movies, but I found this one to be well made and the story solid. Also, the songs are not just planted but part of the movie as it adds to the story itself. Meenakshi is great too, and I will look for her in other movies as well.

Brian B (us) wrote: This is definitely one of the most weirdest films I've ever seen. Despite its weirdness though, I actually found it to be thoroughly entertaining and I even got a few chuckles out of it due to its weirdness.Henry, our protagonist, faces a number of bizarre and horrifying obstacles before meeting someone of the opposite sex and her family.This film sure does have a lot of weird events which go on in it. However, I feel that every event which goes on in it has a purpose. Also, I felt that none of the events were there just to be there. None of them felt forced and many of them caused different reactions out of me. Some of them unnerved me while some actually got a few chuckles out of me due to how bizarre they were. It was an odd reaction I got out of it but it did make the movie more entertaining.This film may not make much sense to some but it's art. Art has multiple interpretations to it. Many people have their own interpretation to the film. I've seen many of them. My interpretation of the film is that it takes place on another planet and all the weird things which go on are alien-like. They seem weird to us but it feels normal to all the people who live there. There are a few other valid interpretations I've seen brought up but this one makes the most sense to me.Also, the visuals are amazing. Despite being almost 40 years old, they still look very disturbing and that's pretty impressive especially when you consider other films around the time period. Also, I really liked the sound design. It is well-done as well and it also adds much more to the disturbing graphics. It works well with the visuals.In conclusion, this movie is amazing. I think that this film is an outstanding masterpiece. This is a superb work of art. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation and it is never too complicated as well. If you want to see one of the most weirdest movies out there then make sure you watch this. It is not only weird but it is also well-written.

Byron B (kr) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

Stephanie F (de) wrote: I realize that Cagney is supposed to be the bad guy in this movie but he was the most electrifying presence in the whole thing. I especially hated "holier than thou" piano man-I was so sad that Cagney let him live instead of shooting him up Chicago-style. I normally like Doris Day but here? Not so much

Peter H (es) wrote: It was pretty crazy but pretty good.

Dave J (ru) wrote: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 (1950) Orpheus (In French with English subtitles) ART HOUSE FANTASY Written and directed by poet, novelist, painter, playwright, set designer, and actor by the name of Jean Cocteau who explains to viewers what to expect beforehand, which is telling a current story by using a mythical setting. After an unexpected scuffle happen at a cafe parlor, infamous poet Orphe gets asked from a radiant looking lady calling herself the "Princess" (Mara Casares) to join her for a ride, to serve as a witness from an apparent hit and run of another poet. It is soon revealed that it was only a tactic, so that she can spend time with him even though Orphe is already married. The movie becomes even more strange after it was soon reveled that the lady called Princess is really "Death", except that Orphe becomes infatuated by her, creating a complicated situation. Strange, unusual and imaginative that can appeal to anybody who has an open mind. 3 out of 4 stars

Matthew H (au) wrote: Clear and Present Danger is almost as good as Patriot Games, but its downfall is that it moves more slowly and is less intense, so that by the time an action scene happens the tension has died down. Nevertheless, Ford is still great and the movie is still thrilling.

Scott M (mx) wrote: Iron Eagle 14: Pregnant Alienz

Adrian B (br) wrote: Just watchable movie about the parents of a black Hispanic wedding and the complications in between

Joel M (kr) wrote: 8/10: Inspired by the late Micheal Turner's art and Jeph Loeb story in the comics, this is one of the best DC animated films. The fight scenes alone are already worth watching not to mention the amazing storyline.

Noname (kr) wrote: True story movie about a couple who are out in the sea with sharks around them. It was filmed like a tv documentary almost , felt like it. Okey movie to watch but no normal horror movie like jaws etc.