Earth from Above

Earth from Above

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has flown over hundreds of countries to create an extraordinary aerial portrait of our planet as never seen before. This DVD from the Panoramica Motion Gallery is '...

Yann Arthus-Bertrand has flown over hundreds of countries to create an extraordinary aerial portrait of our planet as never seen before. This DVD from the Panoramica Motion Gallery is '... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(kr) wrote: I love animals so that made me like this movie more than I otherwise would.

Michael H (us) wrote: In July 1942 French police arrested 13,000 Parisian Jews for the Nazis. 25 of them survived the war.A very well made film about one of the many atrocities committed during WWII. Assuredly tells the stories of a number of actual detainees plus some composite characters - all well realized portrayals - without overburdening the audience by trying to tell too many stories. The film does a great job of showing the gradual deterioration of trust and hope in increasingly desperate lives.

Lester F (br) wrote: A good documentary. It showed what the problem was, how it came about, why is it still not solved, and what we can do about it and it's future. The problem with this film was that it had only a small amount of people with opposing viewpoints talking (maybe 5 minutes total was people with opposing views talking). Overall something you should watch to see how greed affects our lives and how we consumers need to be informed.

Floyd C (nl) wrote: Even in the world of low budget horror there are films that should be vaulted for all of eternity. This is one of those films. Stealing heavily from every slasher known to man and filling the screen with characters that bore the audience this yawner even goes as far as to pretty much give away the killer as soon as you see them on screen. Highlights do abound however in the Tom Green like rantings of the killer towards the end of the film and one of the lines spit out by the lesbian character that sums up the movie perfectly..."cliche cliche cliche, it's our lives". AVOID IT!!!

Ava R (ca) wrote: Derek Luke does a good job, the film is well written and does the job. If you enjoy this one check out Endgame with Chiwetel Ejiofor. Something about these movies really does light a fire in your heart. A great biopic as well. The backstory of the film is just as compelling.

Jaeyoung L (fr) wrote: family movie, specially for women

Shawn P (ca) wrote: There's just something about this movie; it has a dream like quality to it that slowly sneaks up on you and draws you in. The story is hard to pinpoint; it's very surreal in nature and revolves around two central stories... a dying boy and a town being evacuated due to a dam being opened that will flood the area. A thick fog of uncertainty clouds the whole film to a point that you can sense something deeper is going on beneath the surface; and as the viewer I felt like I was watching something streaming from my own subconscious; it's quite an experience. It's like a toned town version of a David Lynch movie... not as disjointed; but more surreal. The acting is great across the board, especially by Nick Nolte and James Woods. Not everyone will love this movie; but those that like it will probably love it (like me). It's kind of like watching a feature length representation of a Salvador Dali painting. Watch and enjoy... it's a great film; and pretty close to a modern classic in my book. 5 stars.

Jeff B (ag) wrote: About as bad as you'd expect.

Ryan E (ru) wrote: gory and bloody, but a beautiful work of art.

Luciano G (fr) wrote: Herzog's remake of "Nosferatu" is a slow-paced spectacle..... it's gorgeously photographed with an anemic glow, the music is memorable as well.... unfortunately, the acting is either soporific (Kinski), melodramatic (Adjani) or annoying (Roland Topor as Renfield)...there are definitely more rats in this film than any other adaption of Stoker's novel...

Monique Y (es) wrote: "Jump! of course jump... just do it with your eyes open this time!" Beautiful sweet movie about the leap of faith that love demands from all of us in order to materialize!

Pete C (jp) wrote: A cracking entry in the Star Trek franchise, such a shame they never seem to make good movies in a row. The Borg are back, and this time they look to change history and assimilate Earth in the past, only one ship can stop them and it is the Enterprise. Strong performances all around give the Characters depth. This is the last good Star Trek movie till the Reboot.

Jason C (ru) wrote: The top notch visuals and well-choreographed set pieces unfortunately cannot gloss over the fatal plot holes in this manga sci-fi epic that takes itself entirely too seriously.