Earth: Making of a Planet

Earth: Making of a Planet

Animated film showing the making of Planet Earth from rocks and dust to our current home, beginning 4.5 billion years ago. Explains the clash with planet Thea, creation of oxygen, initial life underwater and stromatolites. Initial plate tectonics, Snowball earth and the first continents of Rhodinia and Gondwana.

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Earth: Making of a Planet torrent reviews

Lexis A (ca) wrote: I really. want to watch. it

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Gordon B (nl) wrote: Whether you call it environmental activism or Eco terrorism, this is an engaging and evenhanded documentary about the rise fall and rise again of the Earth Liberation Front

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stacy b (ru) wrote: Saw a bit but it was pretty good

Melvin C (br) wrote: Cool thanks for the movie

Jocey D (ag) wrote: Story is bland but it does serve up a good helping of thrills and action packed explosions. The stunts are impressive.

p b (fr) wrote: Oh, I didn't expect much, as the first one wasn't very good... I got what I expected...not much.

Astrid J (jp) wrote: Is it just me or is Billy Bob Thornton the charmingest hillbilly around? All the actors were pretty good in this. It was a pretty good story, funny in most parts. Tragic ending though!

Nick R (es) wrote: It was okay even though it was like the shortest of the MST3K series.

Olivier B (jp) wrote: Un classique d'enfance.

Marcus W (ru) wrote: Likeable gangster movie written by, directed by, and starring Eddie Murphy. He probably made the tea too.

Michael W (es) wrote: California's worst offenders are banished to an island prison. Brutal, but still preferable to doing time in a Turkish prison. A few weaknesses, including a less-than-charismatic island dictator and a much too happy and tidy ending.

Matthew J (ag) wrote: "Shalako" is an exercise in precisely nothing. It is obvious Dymtryk wanted to say something, but what, is the question for the ages. Sean Connery is a competent actor but not even him (who brought "Highlander 2" into the enjoyably-bad category) can save this mess. Brigitte Bardot's acting skills are also in question.

Bradley K (ag) wrote: Awesomely trashy homage to Hitchcock!