Joe is an Alien on Earth. At least that is what his father told him before he died when Joe was eleven. He finds it difficult to adjust, and to find a compatible girl friend.

Joe is an Alien on Earth. At least that is what his father told him before he died when Joe was eleven. He finds it difficult to adjust, and to find a compatible girl friend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Earthbound torrent reviews

Tim M (br) wrote: Screenwriter/director of A Wednesday delivers another dizzying crime thriller. This time he enters masala territory with a bigger budget and the requisite musical and romance bits. Good heist flick with a nice twist.

Zahid C (ca) wrote: Day: SundayDate: 6 Aug 2012Time: 12.00 amWith: NooneOn: Laptop

Garrett C (au) wrote: I wasn't a huge fan of the cinematography in this film at all, but I really enjoyed its concept and story. I tend to like original sci fi films more than series stuff, so I enjoyed that this strayed from the series fever. It's a pretty beautiful and moving film despite how gross and shaky it is.

James B (nl) wrote: This movie is clever, witty, intriguing throughout, fuunny, action-packed, amazingly cast and acted, and both kovies, while not gems, both are vastly underrated and very entertaining. Assuming you allow yourself to enjoy things. Which apparently not many do.

Chris D (au) wrote: A total bore-fest, everyone here is as waste of time and talent. Don't bother with this film.

Byron B (ru) wrote: nominated for best picture by NBR

TheMumblelover (de) wrote: A film so bad its unbelievable, Van Damme is not too bad you can see he's so far superior in the Martial Arts field then Sho. Someone should of had the foresight to swap the two actors around and Van Damme play the action hero.

Donald C D (ca) wrote: Love it! John Candy for the win.. again!

Ted N (fr) wrote: Andrzej Wajda does Danton in Europorridge format, with bad dubbing over some very committed Polish declaiming from half the cast. (It's an adaptation of a play by Stanislawa Przybyszewska.) Amazingly, and despite all the disturbing clunking noises coming from below, the wheels of this fantastic film never fall off. Compelling, disturbing stuff. Great too to see GD with his original nose, and Patrice Chereau - who had already directed the Ring at Bayreuth by this time. His performance, as the haunted and snivelling Camille Desmoulins, is a wonder to behold.

Mloy X (kr) wrote: Like many sequels, this one failed to live up to the oriinal. I almost regret watching this because it completely broke my heart. The players were good, but delivery was full of flaws. Unfortunately, as good as Mr.Caan is he's no Omar (Oh My) Sharif. Mr. Caan didn't have the charisma and chemistry Streisand had with Sharif. I guess it is just really hard to live up to Nicky Arnstein. Where Funny Girl had humor, charm and a killer soundtrack, Funny Lady had odd, inconsequencial musical numbers and a crass atittude. It's too bad, I really wanted to like this film.

Olivier L (ru) wrote: Le combat du juge Michel contre la pgre marseillaise.Jean Dujardin & Gilles Lellouche exceptionnels.

Luck D K (mx) wrote: The film shows a story too low as they imitate the cult figure: Spiderman and humiliate with special effects not hanging and makeup look terrible. The dialogues are too soft and not credible actors in their roles. The title is found badly as he did not exactly match the movie. It is not scary at all and it is rather a big insult to the Marvel universe.

Breanne B (fr) wrote: It was a great premise and was actually promising in the beginning, but it turned into such a bland lightweight melodrama that it was hard to care about what was going on.

James S (nl) wrote: An interesting film, and one that is generally considered a bit of a classic. Its certainly an odd movie, and one that cannot easily be compared to another, although is overall one that I really enjoyed. Our two leads are excellent, particularly Pitt as the controlling, domineering Tyler. Certain developments and scenes are very wacky, although this fits in which much of the film and characters. The famous finale is somewhat foreseeable from the outset, although is still executed really well.