East End Angels

East End Angels

It's vacation. 12-year-olds Maja, Rikke and Ohna have big ambitions to not lift a finger this summer, but then the police find drugs hidden in the restaurant. Saigon House is closed and ...

It's vacation. 12-year-olds Maja, Rikke and Ohna have big ambitions to not lift a finger this summer, but then the police find drugs hidden in the restaurant. Saigon House is closed and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James C (de) wrote: Halfway between a Mondo and a cannibal movie, this features a fair amount of patronising silliness about "natives" and a rather sappy Westerner/villager romance which crosses Pocohontas with Love Story. There's a relentless amount of animal cruelty on show - snakes, crocodiles and monkeys are slaughters on camera & a mongoose fights a cobra - and this co-exists with some genuinely interesting questions about so-called civilised life and the way in which an individual can integrate into any environment you put him into.

Hande W (au) wrote: ????????????????????

Sarah K (fr) wrote: I guess it's not the worst movie ever seen. I guess.

Jeanie V (au) wrote: Really awful acting by mischa Barton and the woman who played her mom.... And her sister. Just terrible and weird the cop was only decent actor but it's hard to shine around such shitty actors. None the less -- crazy ghostly thriller pretty predictable and plot line didn't add up to why mischa would stay in that apt. Lame effort at a good horror flick.

Bryan C (ca) wrote: The documentary is extremely well-done and raises some important points about our legal system, some of which I agree with. But as a defense attorney, I have seen the other side too - I think many (but not all) class actions are frivolous and damaging to business. There needs to be a balance.Grade: A

Paul D (au) wrote: Offbeat but effective and stylish buddy movie.

Kyle M (gb) wrote: great starter to the movies

Tyler D (nl) wrote: One of the most unique comedies I have ever seen with purposefully comedic performances like in back to the future that fits seamlessly with the feel of the movie.

Steve D (ru) wrote: Amazing true story was turned into a very strong movie. very likeable

emily p (ca) wrote: love my usher.. he makes evry movie better :) <3 x

Fran H (us) wrote: Like so many sequels, this tries to match the original, and doesn't quite do it. But it's still funny and definitely watchable. Unfortunately, with the introduction of the super-UNfunny Fat Bastard character, as well as the childish toilet humor, this sequel dropped a few notches from the original.

DEE WASH THE KING (es) wrote: The story of the most contaversial and crooked man in boxing history.

George C (kr) wrote: One of the greatest comedies ever made (providing you get and love Canto-humor) from the amazing Stephen Chow Sing Chi. Unfortunately its starting to look a tad aged, so hopefully a HD version will get a release soon. That said, I never tire watching it, and it stays as funny every time! Fantastic show..! (Oh, and it will leave you hungry, be warned)

Manch F (kr) wrote: A great film about life and parents' love.

Abel D (kr) wrote: Boasting their trademark darkly-raunchy comedy and crassly-catchy songs, Parker and Stone's first outing is cheesy low budget fun and it wears that badge with shining smile pride as it skewers old Hollywood musicals and historicals (complete with a big crowd dance number at a hanging) in retelling the infamous story of Alfred Packer, assisted by the surprisingly good production values, including a replica Western town, a small mine and some nice genre-familiar vistas and canyons, even if the acting by the mostly young cast leaves a little to be desired, but that would be to miss the point.

Michael M (it) wrote: I remember seeing parts of this on cable once upon a time. Why, oh why?

Eric R (br) wrote: Martin is a 22-year old schizophrenic who goes in between a six-year-old boy and psychotic. He lives with his over nurturing mother and his stepfather, who wants the boy evicted from the house. Martin leaves and is taken in by Susan Harper and her family, who unaware of Martin's mental state. All the criticism I have read about this film seems to step from the fact that this film ridiculously makes the argument that siblings of individuals with down syndrome are per-disposed to be psychopaths. While this is stupid, it doesn't take away the fact that this is a fun flick. The highlights of this one are Hywel Bennett Martin. He really does a great job in this film and just has this sense of unease about him. It seems like every scene I was just waiting for him to snap, which really makes the film pretty tense throughout. The other great aspect of the film is without question Bernard Herrman's score, which was plundered and reused by Tarantino for Kill Bill, for anyone that doesn't know. It's such a simple tun that is uses multiple times to elicit all types of emotions. Twisted Nerve's assumption is ridiculous but it present a good argument towards the idea that psychopaths aren't necessarily formed by environmental factors but genetic factors could hold the key. It's no "Peeping Tom', and it's clearly dated, but its a fun, rather tense thriller that I enjoyed.

Nilufer R (us) wrote: It was alright, nothing special. Just a cute romantic comedy which is not that romantic neither that funny.

Aj S (ru) wrote: Another installment that attempts to be more clever tries to take each explosion a bit bigger, each fight a bit longer and in its effort often loses touch with reality.

Carolyn G (ag) wrote: Someone in my family totally dated him and is mentioned in this monologue. Plus eyes creep me out a lot.