East of Shanghai

Believing that an unexpected inheritance will bring them happiness, a married couple instead finds their relationship strained to the breaking point.

Believing that an unexpected inheritance will bring them happiness, a married couple instead finds their relationship strained to the breaking point

East of Shanghai is a excited movies torrent of Alexa. This movie was introduced in 1931. We can counted many actors in this movies torrent, for example Henry Kendall, Joan Barry, Percy Marmont, Betty Amann, Elsie Randolph. Movie' genres are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 5.9 in www.imdb.com. We have a good movie to watch. Share with your friends and watch this movie together

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Users reviews

Alexander P (br)

Well worth a watch. A good laugh but with some surreal moments and the danish comedy is sometimes very dry. An interesting comedy that is not as violent as expected

Carlos M (us)

Besides, the characters seem too shallow in their artificial indie quirkiness and the dialogue is very annoying. This is certainly not a comedy (the sense of humor doesn't work that well), and I found it sad and depressing, contrary to those who thought it was sweet and optimistic

Chris P (kr)

ilk dudes with popcorn!. Gets a star because it introduced me to the greatest snack ever

David S (de)

But you don't need to know Hitchcock to still enjoy the values of this film - it is still an entertaining, stylish, and suspenseful thriller that will surely please most viewers. However, those that embrace the film's self-referential sensibilities will have a lot of fun noticing all the references, homages, puns, and inside jokes that the film offers. This film was made with the Hitchock fan in mind and not as a standalone thriller, thus those expecting a cleverly original thriller will be disappointed. The entire narrative itself is only a MacGuffin (to use a term Hitchcock used) to allow Demme to create set pieces that mimic those of the Master of Suspense - we get a shower sequence (ala Psycho), a pair of scissors (ala Dial M for Murder), a bell tower (ala Vertigo), a near fall in front of a train (ala Shadow of Doubt), the slow tearing of clothes (ala Saboteur), and even a climatic finish at a famous locale (here Niagara Falls). Jonathan Demme's slick and stylish homage to Alfred Hitchcock

Jarek M (it)

Ironic. Bitter sweet chamomile tea. Autobiography about pesimistic comic book autobiographer writer

Jay B (kr)

It's nothing special, but the "meta" movie-in-a-movie / actors-playing-themselves stuff is done fairly well and packs some whimsy. which at least keeps you guessing. . . Last Action Hero is a dose of adult elements stuffed into the framing of a children's story. Note: Don't watch this film in Full Screen, the pan and scan is nauseatingly bad

Jed Y (ca)

So I would watch this just to laugh at it. I would still have to contend that the late great Jonathan Brandis still has good acting skill even though it's not that good. Not to mention it's like the best karate kid rip off ever. While not a very good movie, it's very funny and had lots of 90's cheese

Kevin M W (it)

But back when I was a wee youngun I was sufficiently terrorized too. !) moves into a haunted house armed with only a pair of special glasses with which you can see ghosts! Yeah, so hokey it's cool. A. 1960s-style fun as a normal family (back then people really believed there was such a thing, a normal family, maybe in Kansas somewhere, or maybe L

Sbastien W (us)

Hilarious: Nazis from outerspace try to finally conquer the world

Stefan G (mx)

I guess, however, that's the price we're expected to pay when it comes to actors who are now past their prime. It's not bad, but it's the kind of film that doesn't really aim for anything above its station, and with no ambitions of being anything other than an action film that relies on nostalgia. At the very least, the action scenes still pack a bit of the punch that Stallone's action films were known for, but it's ultimately quite tame. The film looks like it could have been a hard-hitting action film, but looks only go so far in action films, and this film's style of presentation is very typical. They aren't terrible, but they clearly deserve more personality, and the script doesn't help much. The characters are nothing special, and they're all basically stock personalities. Though I commend the film for its attempt at a more personal narrative, but it doesn't do this very well, with essentially the same writing clichs that plague most action films. Frankly, this is one of those films where the title was infinitely more appealing than the actual film. I can't exactly say I didn't get what the film promised, but what I got was a rather empty action film that desperately needed more substance. When I first heard of this film, it represented Sylvester Stallone's comeback as an action star