East Side Kids

East Side Kids

After living all his chilhood in the street, a young boy notices rapidly that crime doesn't pay and that´s why he decides to become a policeman. One day, one of his best friends go in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Immediately the policeman tries his best to release him and prove his innocence.

A young street kid grows up and becomes a cop when he realizes that crime doesn't pay. One of his childhood friends is in prison for a murder he didn't commit, and the cop looks for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


East Side Kids torrent reviews

Brad S (gb) wrote: Tedious and ultimately disappointing documentary for me.

Justin T (gb) wrote: Decent modern horror movies are hard to come by but this one is not only pretty good but also surprisingly original.

Echo Y (fr) wrote: Clich, but a good one

Stephen R (ca) wrote: A rather mediocre police action/thriller from a promising French director. Built upon a convoluted plot set in a Turkish district of Paris, the messy script detracts from some good photography, and the performances of Jean Reno and Arly Jover.

Tushar K (us) wrote: watched it second time and loved it.

Clay B (kr) wrote: NOMAD: THE WARRIOR (2006)

Jeremy G (br) wrote: great flick that has enough action to kick most big budget flicks outta the water. recommnded

Grace Z (de) wrote: I thought this one was super cute - Fred trying to break his casting mold by losing the top hat and chewing gum and telling dumb jokes instead! Very cute. (viewed February 2009)

Matthew C (ag) wrote: The melodrama is so strong with this one but I can't help but like it in a guilty pleasure kinda way.

Serge L (br) wrote: Pretty good action movie that is a real fantasy of girl action romance. Is this a film genre? Single girl meet single guy in the process of saving the world by killing a whole bunch of bad guys trying to kill him because he's the bad guy in possession of the rare treasure. Totally McGuffin. Some sort of remake of Hitchcock thriller with plenty of action and a frenetic pace full of improbable and unsurvivable incidents. In brief, pure fun. Cameron and Tom did a maximum of their stunts and it shows nicely. Lovely characters in spite of their killing chops. I guess it could be a date movie.

Jeff A (nl) wrote: The Nancy Reagan chandelier.

Tim W (nl) wrote: Classic RedLetterMedia: jokes that fall flat, terrible acting, no budget effects, camp and cheese, and a mix of cliches and "ah who gives a crap" that leaves me wondering...why did I just enjoy that? I was hoping it would be funnier though. Meh. Not their best work, not their worst.

Ryan M (fr) wrote: One of those films that many of the actors would rather forget they made.