East Wind Rain

East Wind Rain

Year 1941, a roll of film is delivered to Shanghai and a Chinese spy named Gong An Ming (Liu Yun Long) must decide what he should do with the film, which turns out containing a great secret that could shock the whole world. He discovers the plan code named 'East Wind Rain' and passes the information to the American that their territory will soon be invaded by the Japanese. The code is aired during the weather report from Radio Tokyo on Dec 4, 1941. While in Shanghai An Ming meets with a singer cum pianist, Huan Yan (Fan Bing Bing) and falls in love with her, not realizing that she is also one of the spies. Soon An Ming realizes that his effort found no success and have been ignored due to some reason. And now by risking his own life he must also decide whether to make Huan Yan his lover or his enemy? Will the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor in the end? Which country is Huan Yan working as a spy for? Will An Ming get caught by his enemy?

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Jennifer J (fr) wrote: Kind of started out slow, but it turned out to be sooo good!!!!

Vivian W (jp) wrote: Quite rubbish and totally not scary at all....

Jonathan T (mx) wrote: This film is probably best left to film noir fans only. The acting is substandard, and the tortuously frenetic pace is not quite fast enough to conceal some gaping holes in the plot. Still, you could do worse on a Sunday evening :)

William C (us) wrote: Grade:Higher 5/10Johnny English Reborn is a comedy sequel that well, quite possiblybeats it's predecessor without actually being good. It has it's smalllaughs and smiles here and there, kids should love it but I couldn'thelp feel thinking all the way through "what was that all about". Now Ididn't think it was actually a Bad movie, not even poor, but veryclose, so beware, some will hate this movie quite a bit. I did feel itwas safely an average film, and here below is why I felt that about it.The story is actually a good one, of course the comedy never reallyworks with it but in any case, I actually enjoyed the back story forsome reason. The comedy isn't great mostly through the physical jokes,tired jokes that only 3 year olds like, don't get me wrong some arefunny and anyone can laugh, but a few...miss the mark. I enjoyed some ofthe action seen in the story, not too shabby stuff to say this isn't anaction specific film, and also the things like gadgets still providemore to the film amongst it's average humour.Rowan Atkinson's isn't too marvellous in this, there is no doubt he hasmade great comedy before but this, well I don't know about worst but hejust seems wasted and much more of him could have been showcased. Ireally like Johnny's fellow spy Dominic West who is actually reallygood in this, made me think maybe he should be in more serious filmsbut still contributes a lot of good acting to the movie. GillianAndersen didn't impress here, she is very stale, almost as if she wasthere for one day so why not, expected better from such an experiencedactor. Direction is a another thing that lets this down, I won't blameAtkinson mostly because Oliver Parker doesn't let him do enough andwhen the script does throw up a good opportunity, Parker ruins it, notawful but poor. The script is OK though, good dialogue and the spy talkis never silly or anything, comedy in it may not be A grade stuff butstill can provide laughter and bits are written in well here and thereto spread the funnier bits. Listen this isn't terrible at all, the laughs do get provided to us(usually via Atkinson) and the cast is not too shabby among all thestupidity going on here. When I rate a film average, I do like tobalance it out and I think this has been mostly negative so far so hereare some more positives. The setting is pretty nice and expands to manyplaces across the globe, the Hong Kong skyline provides one of the bestbackdrops. The fighting and shooting also provides thrills, even inthis, a comedy movie, quite good stuff.I would say that kids may like this more than the parents, some funstuff but very slapstick like and seen before. That said if you feelyou laugh at a lot of things then you may just like this, give it a goand you may absolutely love it. Fans of the first one also should likeit although English has a different feel around him where he almostseems more competent at his job and can actually do things right(thatisn't the case in the first one).Overall give this a higher 5/10, it is safely average and moving downwardsrather than upwards. Safely is the key word here, it isn't just aboutaverage though and escapes being poor and a negative mark. I am notsure if anymore of these films will ever be made but they are just goodfun, not to be enjoyed a lot really but nevertheless, I am 100% surepeople will like this, mostly from first hand experience of thosepeople.

Christos A (ru) wrote: have you see a bear recently??

Marc L (jp) wrote: It's so bad it's worth watching.