Eastern Promises

Eastern Promises

A Russian teenager living in London who dies during childbirth leaves clues to a midwife in her journal that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.

Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen), who is both ruthless and mysterious, has ties to one of the most dangerous crime families in London. But when he crosses paths with Anna Khitrova, a midwife, the truth about his past is gradually revealed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda B (ru) wrote: An ok film for a lazy Sunday afternoon

Jacobderrillivefr J (nl) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Ian C (mx) wrote: Average but enjoyable. Shocking the amount of weed they smuggled through the woods from Canada. Stand out performance from John C. McGinley, Hillarious. Aaron Yoo is one annoying cunt.

Jasmine B (fr) wrote: my ish...!! great movie

Brian S (de) wrote: 1990s Nightbreed is an anomaly of its time. Being the follow-up to his first film, 1987s Hellraiser, director Clive Barker was expected to continue giving the masses of what he had done previously-showing horrific tales featuring grotesque monsters that cross into the real, living world. Instead, Barker flipped the expected narrative trope and made the heroes the monsters and the "normal" people the villains. This story is presented as a gothic version of "the heroes journey," complimented by a swelling, theatrical score by Danny Elfman and an arc that would surprisingly fit in perfectly with more modern, contemporary super hero films. Viewing Nightbreed with this perspective allows us to see a film that was truly ahead of its time. And like a lot of modern films, Nightbreed both presents a singular story while at the same time planting the narrative seeds for future sequels. With a story that establishes a whole mythology, Barker (who wrote the screenplay based off of his novella Cabel) seems lost in it as much as the viewer and we never receive a full understanding of what is happening (especially during the climax of the film). His attention is evidently geared toward the monsters but the means to fit them in a conceivable way in a filmic sense is forced, hammy and awkward-a representation of the film itself. Nightbreed walks the thin line between "bad" and "campy fun" and when a monster yells, "you all come back now, ya hear," it implies the filmmakers were in on the joke. We never did see the future exploits of The Breed-due to a confused story structure and honestly some botched would-be executions-but there is a fascination in the film's many failings.

Private U (mx) wrote: Bogart as a Mexican bandito is reason enough to see it, even if you find it hard to get through it. It isn't incredibly interesting or exciting, despite the strong cast.

Bryce B (ag) wrote: Electric performances under an excellent script and direction. The picture brings important questions to mind of the morals and ethics of politics and journalism.

Beth J (au) wrote: Pretty sad movie, but one of John Cusack's best. The movie is about grief and dealing with it. Even if you don't like Cusack's politics (he is far left on most topics), he doesn't really bring that point of view to the film.

Areeque T (br) wrote: Not the best what's-out-there alien thriller, but a good one. Vin Diesel's signature low humming voice adds to the atmosphere. You learn a little bit about Riddick's background, but it's not about him. Just a short chapter in his journey through space. The mystery around Riddick is well maintained.