Quirky Jamie Harris (Marguerite Moreau) has a big problem: She's a magnet for less-than-kind men as she hops beds. But things start to look up when she becomes the object of affection of two seemingly normal guys, Mick (Brian O'Byrne) and John (Naveen Andrews). Unfortunately, there's the immense problem of her self-imposed 90-day moratorium on sex. Emily Deschanel co-stars as Jamie's sister, Laura.

Heart-broken after several affairs, a woman finds herself torn between a Poet and a TV Host. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert D (mx) wrote: One of those rare cases in which a film actually has all the shortcomings that professional critics so gleefully attach generically merely on principal to every superhero film they see.

Sarfara A (us) wrote: 14 Blades is wuxia film directed by Daniel Lee. Starring Donnie Yen, Zhao Wei and Sammo Hung (in brief role). During Ming Dynasty, Jinyi-Wei are government's secret agents trained since childhood. Their mission to maintain peace. Prince Qing, is to rebel against the emperor and seize power. Jia orders Qinglong (Donnie Yen)leader of Jinyi-Wei to kill Councilor and take safebox which supposedly contains list of traitors. Qinglong comes to find out that the safebox contains instead the "Imperial Seal". Qinglong is betrayed by his fellows of Jinyi-Wei, who now pursue him as he is escpaing as fugitive. Donnie Yen is excellent actor from China/Hong Kong. And I pretty much liked his performance in this film, he is the one who is all worth watching (in fact one of my top-favorite China/Hong Kong actors). Film bears lame plot, and something that we feel like having watched previously. Furthermore, movie contains too many characters, and it's absolutely difficult to lay your attention and put your commitment to characterization of the actors. Good so-called 14-Blades fights, but unfortunately disappointing clothing-sheds from Kate Tsui.

yvind H (ag) wrote: Beste julefilmen s finns. Gir den retta julastemning for alle fra Rogaland. Kristoffer Joner e magiske i denne.

Marisol d (ag) wrote: the only reason i give this movie half a star was because rani kissed in this movie. I hated this movie. And why is sharukh on the cover? he was in the movie for 2 minutes. Literally!!!!!

Chris C (de) wrote: Falling nicely into horror-comedy territory, Night Of The Creeps is funny and creepy due to solid acting including an entertaining wise-cracking performance by Tom Atkins.

Lanning (br) wrote: Adele Morton: If I were as cynical as you, I'd hang myself.Andrew Morton: If you were as cynical as me? I wouldn't even trust the rope.Another Bogart movie I've never seen. God bless Ted Turner and TCM. I swear, TCM must be the greatest TV station of all time. As I've said before, I've never met a Bogart movie I didn't like. This one is no exception. He plays a "good guy" in this one, and he's brilliant either way. Nobody can deliver a line like Bogart, and no one can deliver a moralizing speech like the one at the end of this film like Bogart. In a lesser actor's hands, you might be tempted to laugh, but Bogart makes the lessoning stick like crazy glue and stand like the Rock of Gibraltar. Perhaps the best male actor of all time.

Calum B (kr) wrote: MGM musicals may have been more extravagant, but 20th Century Fox musicals are the most fun. In "That Night in Rio," in order to save a business deal, a look-alike actor (Don Ameche) is hired to impersonate a baron (Don Ameche) who is out of town trying to raise money. The Baron is married to Cecilia (Alice Faye) but in name only; they go their separate ways. When the actor takes over, with Faye's knowledge, he is extremely attentive, to the consternation of his girlfriend (Carmen Miranda).This is a cute story, nothing new about it, but it is done in an amusing way. At one point, the Baron returns from his trip early, and the two Barons are in a room at the same time. They keep switching back and forth while talking to a businessman. The businessman, convinced someone else is in the room after hearing noises behind a screen and seeing the screen move, decides to continue the conversation in French. The actor, of course, can't speak it, so has to say oui, oui throughout. It's very funny. Also, the businessman searches behind the screen - the actor walks from behind the screen and into the room while the Baron goes the opposite way meets the businessman behind the screen and says, "See?" indicating there is no one there.The cast is the typical Fox musical cast - by 1941, Tyrone Power was no longer doing musicals, so it's Ameche, Faye, and Carmen Miranda. Miranda is very funny and outlandishly dressed as usual; Faye sings well and looks lovely, although she seems stuffed into a gold gown.There is plenty of music - in fact, the whole beginning is one number after another. Miranda sings a couple of her standards: "I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much)," and "Chica Chica Boom Chic." Ameche and Faye sing "Boa Noite" and "They Met in Rio" - and there are plenty of production numbers.Wonderfully entertaining.

Sasha C (it) wrote: are u kidding luke ballsack? dicko is the best and most left-field character in the movie..u hated him but u couldnt even remember his name! this is a cult movie from a first-time director. ive seen your list of fave movies..it speaks volumes. get a grip (although u clearly have it in both hands). does tarantino love any movies youve made? enough said eh.

Zachary P (kr) wrote: wow, was this movie predictable. total letdown.