Eat My Dust

Eat My Dust

Hoover Nielbold is a car-crazy teenager who, in order to impress the hottest girl in school, takes her for a ride in a souped-up race car owned by local racer Big Bubba Jones. Hoover's father Harry, who's also the local sheriff is furious at the situation and orders his bumbling deputies to go after him. With the Sheriff's office overflowing with concerned parents and citizens and his deputies failing to catch him. He enlists the help of Jones and fellow racers to capture him. It culminates in a thrilling car chase finale through the rural countryside.

Darlene's into going fast, Hoover's into Darlene, but when they both get into a red-hot race car, the reckless fun accelerates into a trunk-full of hot pursuits. In HD. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barnaby G (ru) wrote: DIY horror. Not that bad. But still pretty bad.

Deena M (ru) wrote: Has an Amelie feel to it.

D G (gb) wrote: Rob Corddry had his moments (as usual) but Jason Biggs cannot possibly suck more, can he? People used to make fun of Steve Guttenburg (why is he in movies?!). Steve Guttenburg is George Clooney compared to Jason Biggs. Besides Corddry and Sasso this movie is not worth the time. They put more into their scenes by walking in than Biggs could ever do by actually trying to exercise his non-existent talent. Hey, Jason, molest yourself for a change. Leave the business, asshole. The 30% rating is for anyone else in this movie. Biggs is that horrible as an actor and a person. A poorly made sock puppet substituted in any of his life work couldn't hurt.

Elliephant Y (br) wrote: Omg. I LOVE IT. It's so damn funny!! I love teh facial expressions and the plot is awesome.

Bill B (es) wrote: It'd been years since I had revisited this one and I recently gave it a spin in conjunction with Le Samourai, upon which it's loosely based, and I would honestly say that this one spoke to me more than the original for whatever reasons. Maybe it's fond nostalgia to revisit this one, maybe it's simply a better film in my mind, but I dug this one just a little bit more.Forest Whitaker plays the titular Ghost Dog, a taciturn killer who works only for one mobster, who had saved him from an attack several years earlier. He works to serve as a 'retainer', following the way of samurai, but eventually the Italians find a reason to turn on him and our hero is left out in the open to fend for himself.I love this film and it's definitely recommended.

James W (it) wrote: A fantastic film that's definitely very underrated.


James D (jp) wrote: awful! it was a bad plot

Sam J (ag) wrote: Papillon, Henri Charrire's autobiography turned film in 1973 starring Steve Mcqueen and Dustin Hoffman is possibly the best film of imprisonment, hope and freedom ever made and by far Steve Mcqueens best performance.Lovers of The Great Escape, Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption must make this their next film to enjoy, with the overriding knowledge that this really happened.

Dan R (jp) wrote: The first and best giallo

VJ B (nl) wrote: All in on Max Ophuls

Ted W (au) wrote: I wasn't really impressed by this cliched story of a master thief, his plot to steal a fantastic automobile from an impenetrable fortress with the aid of the most inept pair of auto designers and Linda Hamilton at her 80's hair-worst. Every now and then there's a good stunt.

Tommy T (us) wrote: Dennis Dugan, the director of 'Happy Gilmore,' did a remarkable job of making a comedic movie into a movie that you could truly relate to the characters and the storylines. Dennis Dugan also the director of 'The Benchwarmers', and 'Don't Mess With the Zohan', consistently can make the viewer amused, but these movies serve no justice to the plot of 'Happy Gilmore'. After watching Dennis Dugan movies, you are often left clueless on the point of the movie. With 'Happy Gilmore' you leave with the laughs and grow close with the characters, and the stories behind each character. In the move 'Happy Gilmore' there are multiple storylines that completely compel the audience. Happy Gilmore (Adam Sandler), is the main character and deals with a tremendous amount of adversity throughout the movie. First and foremost, Happy's Grandmother, whom he loves dearly, loses her house. Happy's mission is to get the house back to his Grandmother. Secondly, Happy meets his crush Virginia (Julie Bowen). Happy does whatever it takes to win over her heart. Lastly, Happy needs to overcome the antics of his arch nemesis Shooter McGavin (Christopher McDonald). Along these seemingly reachable goals, Happy deals with an outrageous amount of setbacks to keep the viewer at the edge of their seat. Nothing is given to Happy, he needs to make everything happen himself through shear willingness, and devotion to the tasks he has at hand. With these main storylines, Dennis Dugan hit the jackpot. How could you possibly go wrong with a man seeking to find the money to buy his Grandmother's house back? Also, no one can dislike a man going after the woman of his dreams. These storylines could've easily been thought of as 'boring,' or 'not original,' but Dugan dressed up the plot and the storylines into an adventure that has never been seen before. Dugan's best decision was making Adam Sandler the main act. Adam Sandler as an actor always impresses me, and in this film he goes above and beyond. Sandler never has any trouble making people laugh in his films, but in 'Happy Gilmore' he's able to relate to the audience with his true feelings for the ones he cares about. I could sincerely feel the struggle that Sandler's character was going through to get the house back to his Grandma. Supporting actors such as Christopher McDonald, Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, Ben Stiller, and Carl Weathers do a great job to make Happy's emotions come alive. 'Happy Gilmore' listed as comedy, family, and sports genres could truly also be listed as a romance, and an action film. This movie truly encapsulates and brings out the best of all genres. Each scene, line, emotion, and expression contributed to an unforgettable ending.