Eating Raoul

Eating Raoul

A relatively boring Los Angeles couple discover a bizarre, if not murderous way to get funding for opening a restaurant.

A relatively boring Los Angeles couple discover a bizarre, if not murderous way to get funding for opening a restaurant. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob S (it) wrote: Such a scary movie, with the addition of an old character completing the movie's circle, make this into a classic horror movie that will thrill others for generations.

Lucas D (kr) wrote: A great critic to war and indifference, and an amazing piece of work overall

Tyson S (de) wrote: Just when you think things can't get any weirder, a bobcat eats a testicle.

BRand O (br) wrote: Had it had a bigger budget, this movie could have been dope. But I respect the low-budget hustle. Po' lil Lucky, tho.

Leon B (us) wrote: Death Sentence is one of them movies that have a good dialogue with a gripping story about a vigilante.

R M (nl) wrote: A powerful and emotional story following a family living in China from the beginning of the 40s to the 60s and the Cultural Revolution. A family struggling with finding their social identity (the scene where the family asks itself "So what are we now, are we upper class or working class?" is memorable), a family struggling with the hardships of communism ("You have to keep going, no matter what"), while also struggling to keep itself together. Every scene is historically symbolic. You can find meaning in every little details and the acting is superb. This is a classic NOT to be missed!

Dean M (it) wrote: More kid-pleasing entertainment has our three youthful heroes forced to choose between playing in a championship baseball game and accompanying their all-wise grandfather to Japan for a martial arts tournament. It's The Karate Kid, The Three Stooges, The Bad News Bears, and Indiana Jones all crammed into one fast-paced movie that works surprisingly well.

Arlene F (jp) wrote: It a good movie, i wont watch it over and over but its good

Cassie W (mx) wrote: Kind of disturbing, but definitely worth watching.

Nyk P (es) wrote: Even though i've given it a low rating, i'd still watch it if it was on TV. All the herbie movies are guilty pleasures.

Agent o (ru) wrote: hilarious bit of fun

Donna B (gb) wrote: Funny! Worth watching.

Ian E (nl) wrote: "Guess Who" does not delve thoroughly enough into its suggested subject matter, and instead uses the interplay between its actors to succumb to nothing more than mere racist stereotypes that result in failed attempts at humour.

Lauren P (kr) wrote: Hello to the five people who read these things: Lauren's mini mini mini reviews are back! I am six months late, and unfortunately I don't remember anything about this film... which probably meant it sucked, for me. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and give it half credit. Even the most charming ANTM alum, Analeigh Tipton, could not save this movie.. from escaping my mind.